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Famous Poets Who Committed Suicide

Artists often struggle with intense emotions, and poets are no different. There have been several notable poet suicides that have shocked the world. Many of these poets who killed themselves did so after suffering from depression for many years. Some famous poet suicides have been debated as being cover-ups for foul play.

Who are some famous poets who committed suicide? Sylvia Plath committed suicide on February 11, 1963, at the age of 30, by placing her head in the oven. She sealed off the kitchen with wet towels to stop the gas from drifting into the room where her children were sleeping. On October 4, 1974, Anne Sexton committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in her Boston garage.

Under the threat of going to prison for his radical politics, Nicolas Chamfort attempted to kill himself in 1793. He shot himself in the face, but the gun misfired, wounding his nose and jaw. He then used a paper knife to stab himself in the neck and torso. He was soon discovered and lived an additional six months before finally succumbing to his wounds. Other famous poets who committed suicide include Beatrice Hastings, Sara Teasdale, and Karin Boye.

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