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List of notable or famous political scientists from Germany, with bios and photos, including the top political scientists born in Germany and even some popular political scientists who immigrated to Germany. If you're trying to find out the names of famous German political scientists then this list is the perfect resource for you. These political scientists are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known political scientist from Germany is included when available.

List contains people like Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss.

This historic political scientists from Germany list can help answer the questions "Who are some German political scientists of note?" and "Who are the most famous political scientists from Germany?" These prominent political scientists of Germany may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected German political scientists.

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Adolf Grabowsky was a German political scientist and author of several books about geopolitics and political theory, including "Democracy and Dictatorship". He was a Jewish convert to Protestantism, and founder and editor of the Zeitschrift fuer Politik. He was a supporter of the Weimar democracy. ...more

Age: Died at 89 (1880-1969)

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany

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Alexander Nikuradse is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Famous Political Scientists from Germany
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Alexander Nikuradse, also known by his pseudonym Al. Sanders, was a Georgian-German physicist and political scientist. Born in Samtredia, Georgia, he was sent by the Georgian government to complete his studies in Berlin. Nikuradse remained in Berlin and became a German citizen after the 1921 Red Army invasion of Georgia. Being in a staunch opposition to the Soviet rule in Georgia, he was actively involved in Georgian émigré activities, and had close Nazi connections. Since their common days as Soviet exiles in Munich in the early 1920s, he had been on friendly terms with Alfred Rosenberg whose views on the Caucasus were largely shaped under Nikuradse's influence. He tried to lobby for an ...more

Age: Died at 81 (1900-1981)

Birthplace: Samtredia, Georgia

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Anneli Ute Gabanyi is a Romanian-born German political scientist, literary critic, journalist, and philologist, especially known for her research on the society and culture of the Cold War period in Romania and the Romanian Revolution of 1989. A former main analyst for Südost-Institut in Munich, she is an associate researcher for the German Institute for International and Security Issues in Berlin. ...more

Age: 75

Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania

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Aurel S. Croissant

Aurel Croissant is Professor of Political Science at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Heidelberg. ...more

Age: 49

Birthplace: Germany