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Famous Politicians from Portugal

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List of famous politicians from Portugal, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of popular Portuguese politicians includes members of the government who are either active or inactive, some of who might even now be dead. These are some of the most well-known Portuguese politicians of all time, so if you're a native of Portugal and want to work for your country then these are the people you should look up to. If you're searching for a particular politician from Portugal, then use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

This list contains politicians like Óscar Carmona and Philip II of Spain.

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  • Adelino da Palma Carlos1

    Adelino da Palma Carlos

    Dec. at 87 (1905-1992)

    BirthplaceFaro, Portugal


    Adelino da Palma Carlos, GCC, GCIH, GOL (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐdɨˈlinu dɐ ˈpaɫmɐ...  more
  • Afonso Costa2

    Afonso Costa

    Dec. at 66 (1871-1937)

    BirthplaceSeia, Portugal


    Afonso Augusto da Costa, GCTE, GCL (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu ˈkɔʃtɐ]; born in Seia, 6...  more
  • Afonso de Albuquerque3

    Afonso de Albuquerque

    Dec. at 62 (1453-1515)

    BirthplaceVila Franca de Xira, Portugal

    NationalityKingdom of Portugal, Portugal

    Afonso de Albuquerque, Duke of Goa (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu ði aɫβuˈkɛɾk(ɨ)]; c....  more
  • Afonso I of Portugal4

    Afonso I of Portugal

    Dec. at 76 (1109-1185)

    BirthplaceGuimarães, Portugal


    Afonso I (European Portuguese: [ɐˈfõsu]; 1106 / 25 July 1109 / August 1109 / 1111 – 6 December...  more
  • Afonso II of Portugal5

    Afonso II of Portugal

    Dec. at 38 (1185-1223)

    BirthplaceCoimbra, Portugal


    Afonso II (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]; English: Alphonzo), or Affonso (Archaic...  more
  • Afonso III of Portugal6

    Afonso III of Portugal

    Dec. at 69 (1210-1279)

    BirthplaceCoimbra, Portugal


    Afonso III (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]; rare English alternatives: Alphonzo or...  more
  • Afonso IV of Portugal7

    Afonso IV of Portugal

    Dec. at 66 (1291-1357)

    BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal


    Afonso IV (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]; 8 February 1291 – 28 May 1357), called the...  more
  • Afonso V of Portugal8

    Afonso V of Portugal

    Dec. at 49 (1432-1481)

    BirthplaceSintra National Palace, Sintra, Portugal


    Afonso V (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]) (15 January 1432 – 28 August 1481), called the...  more
  • Afonso VI of Portugal9

    Afonso VI of Portugal

    Dec. at 40 (1643-1683)

    BirthplaceRibeira Palace, Lisbon, Portugal


    Afonso VI (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]; 21 August 1643 – 12 September 1683), known as...  more
  • 10

    Alberto Costa

    Age: 72

    BirthplaceAlcobaça, Portugal, Portugal


    Alberto Costa may refer to: Alberto Costa (British politician) (born 1971), British...  more
  • 11

    BirthplaceFunchal, Portugal


    Alberto João Cardoso Gonçalves Jardim, GCC, GCIH (Portuguese pronunciation: [aɫˈbɛɾtu ʒuˈɐ̃w̃...  more
  • Alfredo de Sá Cardoso12

    Alfredo de Sá Cardoso

    Dec. at 86 (1864-1950)

    BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal


    Alfredo Ernesto de Sá Cardoso (June 6, 1864 – April 24, 1950), commonly known as Alfredo de Sá...  more
  • Alfredo Nobre da Costa13

    Alfredo Nobre da Costa

    Dec. at 73 (1923-1996)

    BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal


    Alfredo Jorge Nobre da Costa, GCC, ComC, OMRI (Lisbon, Lapa, 10 September 1923 — Lisbon, 4...  more
  • 14

    Alfredo Rodrigues Gaspar

    Dec. at 73 (1865-1938)


    Alfredo Rodrigues Gaspar (8 December 1865 in Funchal – 1 December 1938 in Lisbon) was a...  more
  • Álvaro Cunhal15

    Álvaro Cunhal

    Dec. at 92 (1913-2005)

    BirthplaceCoimbra, Portugal


    Álvaro Barreirinhas Cunhal (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈaɫvɐɾu kuˈɲaɫ]; 10 November 1913 – 13...  more
  • Álvaro de Castro16

    Álvaro de Castro

    Dec. at 50 (1878-1928)

    BirthplaceGuarda, Portugal, Portugal


    Álvaro Xavier de Castro (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈaɫvɐɾu ʃɐviˈɛɾ dɨ ˈkaʃtɾu]) was Prime...  more
  • 17

    Álvaro de Vasconcelos

    Former mayor of Sintra....
  • Américo Tomás18

    Américo Tomás

    Dec. at 93 (1894-1987)

    BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal


    Américo de Deus Rodrigues Tomás (or Thomaz), GCC, GOA, GOSE (Portuguese pronunciation:...  more
  • Aníbal Cavaco Silva19

    BirthplaceBoliqueime, Portugal


    Aníbal António Cavaco Silva, GCC, GColL (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈniβɐɫ ɐ̃ˈtɔɲu kɐˈvaku...  more
  • 20

    Anselmo José Braamcamp

    Dec. at 68 (1817-1885)



    Anselmo José Braamcamp de Almeida Castelo Branco was a Portuguese politician of the...  more
  • 21

    António Bagão Félix

    Age: 71

    BirthplaceÍlhavo, Portugal


    António José de Castro Bagão Felix (born April 9, 1948 in Ílhavo, Portugal) is a Portuguese...  more
  • António Costa22

    BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal


    António Luís Santos da Costa GCIH (born 17 July 1961) is a Portuguese lawyer and politician...  more
  • 23

    António de Almeida Santos

    Age: 93



    António de Almeida Santos, GCC, GCIH, GCL (15 February 1926 – 18 January 2016), was a...  more
  • António de Oliveira Salazar24

    António de Oliveira Salazar

    Dec. at 81 (1889-1970)

    BirthplaceSanta Comba Dão, Portugal


    António de Oliveira Salazar (; Portuguese: [ɐ̃ˈtɔniu dɨ oliˈvɐjɾɐ sɐlɐˈzaɾ]; 28 April 1889 –...  more
  • António de Serpa Pimentel25

    António de Serpa Pimentel

    Dec. at 75 (1825-1900)

    BirthplaceCoimbra, Portugal


    António de Serpa Pimentel (1825, Coimbra – 1900) was Prime Minister of Portugal from 14...  more