Famous Professors from South Korea

List of notable or famous professors from South Korea, with bios and photos, including the top professors born in South Korea and even some popular professors who immigrated to South Korea. If you're trying to find out the names of famous South Korean professors then this list is the perfect resource for you. These professors are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known professor from South Korea is included when available.

List contains people like Ahn Cheol-Soo and Han Young-sil.

This historic professors from South Korea list can help answer the questions "Who are some South Korean professors of note?" and "Who are the most famous professors from South Korea?" These prominent professors of South Korea may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected South Korean professors.

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  • Ahn Cheol-soo (Korean: 안철수 [an tɕʰʌl.s͈u]; born 26 February 1962) is a South Korean politician, medical doctor, businessperson and software entrepreneur. A two-time former presidential election candidate in 2012 and 2017, Ahn is currently the Bareunmirae Party's candidate for the Seoul mayorship.He ran as an independent candidate for the presidential election in 2012, but withdrew a month before the election took place to support Moon Jae-in whom he ran against in 2017 as the People's Party nominee. He was a founding co-leader and the party leader of the People's Party until his party and Bareun Party merged as Bareunmirae Party in February 2018. Prior to politics, Ahn founded AhnLab, Inc., ...more
    • Age: 61
    • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Chung Un-chan (born March 21, 1947 in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea) was the Prime Minister of South Korea (2009–2010). He was a professor of Seoul National University from 1978 to 2009, serving as the president of the university from July 2002 to July 2006 until he was designated to the Prime Minister. He acquired his M.S. From Miami University, and his Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University.
    • Age: 75
    • Birthplace: Gongju, South Korea
  • Ha Yu
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use
    Yoo Ha (Korean: 유하; or spelled Yu Ha; born February 9, 1963) is a South Korean film director, screenwriter and a contemporary poet. He directed the critically acclaimed films Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (2002), Once Upon a Time in High School (2004), and A Dirty Carnival (2006). The latter is a gangster movie with allusions to Martin Scorsese films like Gangs of New York, Mean Streets and Goodfellas.
    • Age: 60
    • Birthplace: Gochang County
  • Han Seung-soo
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    Han Seung-soo (born 28 December 1936) is a South Korean politician and diplomat. He was Prime Minister of South Korea from 29 February 2008 to 28 September 2009, and was the President of the 56th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, in 2001 and 2002.
    • Age: 86
    • Birthplace: Chuncheon, South Korea
  • Han Young-sil

    Han Young-sil, is a professor and nutritionist in South Korea. She was president of Sookmyung Women's University.
    • Age: 65
    • Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  • Hwang Woo-suk (Korean: 황우석, born January 29, 1953) is a South Korean veterinarian and researcher. He was a professor of theriogenology and biotechnology at Seoul National University (dismissed on March 20, 2006) who became infamous for fabricating a series of experiments, which appeared in high-profile journals, in the field of stem cell research. Until November 2005, he was considered one of the pioneering experts in the field, best known for two articles published in the journal Science in 2004 and 2005 where he reported he had succeeded in creating human embryonic stem cells by cloning. He was called the "Pride of Korea" in South Korea.Soon after the first paper was released, however, an ...more
    • Age: 70
    • Birthplace: Buyeo County