The Best Purse Designers

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As long as they're known for their purse-making skills, any famous fashion designers belong on the list.

What are the best designer and name brand purses? For women, these purse brands represent the makers of their all important designer bags, in which they carry all the important things in their lives. Who are the most famous purse designers? For men, these designers of brand name purses are the ones to remember next time your special lady has a birthday or you are in quick need of a gift to get out of the doghouse. The top purse designers benefit from both cases and will continue to do so for as long as women "need" to carry 100 things and men strive to please their ladies.

From the tiny clutch purses to the ginormous handbags capable of carrying the kitchen sink, purses and women go hand in hand. Ladies love these accessories, which often can set one back in excess of several hundred dollars, and most women can never have enough of these top purse brands in their fashion arsenals.

Purses are not just for carrying around cash, credit cards, and cosmetics, they're fashion accessories that are changed like clothes and shoes to match an outfit. What are popular brand name purses? Having the best purse brands is also a status symbol in this world. Rarely will the high-class and celebrity ladies be spotted without their favorites from the elite expensive purse brands and designers like Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Gucci.

So as long as there are ladies on this planet, we can only expect that these top purse designers and top purse brands will continue to produce their designer purses.
Most divisive: Miu Miu
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