Unspeakable Times

Scotland's Most Brutal Serial Killers

While not necessarily well known abroad, these Scottish serial killers are notorious in their home country. Serial killers have a natural tendency to attract public attention and spark a lot of debate. Due to the often compulsive nature of their crimes, the public is left pondering the idea of nature versus nurture. Are some people simply born murderers or do environmental factors turn someone into a killer? Whatever you believe, you can browse this list of famous Scottish serial killers to broaden your knowledge of their grisly brand of crime. 

The United States is considered the serial killer capital of the world due to the high rate of serial killers in the country. However, serial murderers from Scotland are just as well known in the country as figures like John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer are in the United States. These horrific killers often put their victims through prolonged torture prior to killing and were motivated by everything from monetary gain to a pure desire for violence.