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Famous Screenwriters from Belgium

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List of notable or famous screenwriters from Belgium, with bios and photos, including the top screenwriters born in Belgium and even some popular screenwriters who immigrated to Belgium. If you're trying to find out the names of famous Belgian screenwriters then this list is the perfect resource for you. These screenwriters are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known screenwriter from Belgium is included when available.

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chantal Akerman are a great starting point for your to rank your favorites on this list

This historic screenwriters from Belgium list can help answer the questions "Who are some Belgian screenwriters of note?" and "Who are the most famous screenwriters from Belgium?" These prominent screenwriters of Belgium may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected Belgian screenwriters.

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    BirthplaceBrussels, Ixelles, Belgium

    Agnès Varda (French: [aɲɛs vaʁda]; 30 May 1928 – 29 March 2019) was a Belgian-born French film director, photographer and artist. Her work was pioneering for, and central to, the development of the...  more
  • 2

    BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium

    Alain Berliner (born 21 February 1963) is a Belgian film director best known for the 1997 film Ma vie en rose, which won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 55th Golden Globe...  more
  • 3

    Albert Valentin

    Dec. at 65 (1902-1968)

    BirthplaceLa Louvière, Belgium

    Albert Valentin was a screenwriter and film director....  more
  • 4

    André Cauvin

    Dec. at 97 (1907-2004)

    BirthplaceIxelles, Belgium

    André Cauvin (French: [kovɛ̃]; 12 February 1907 – 2 April 2004) was a Belgian documentary film director. He directed five films between 1939 and 1955. His 1952 film Bongolo was entered into the 1953...  more
  • 5

    André Delvaux

    Dec. at 76 (1926-2002)

    BirthplaceOud-Heverlee, Leuven, Belgium

    André, Baron Delvaux (French: [dɛlvo]; 21 March 1926 – 4 October 2002) was a Belgian film director and widely regarded as the founder of the Belgian national cinema. Born in Heverlee, he died in...  more
  • 6

    André Ernotte

    Dec. at 55 (1943-1999)

    BirthplaceLiège, Belgium

    André Ernotte was a Belgian film director and screenwriter....  more
  • 7

    André Franquin

    Dec. at 73 (1924-1997)

    BirthplaceEtterbeek, Belgium

    André Franquin (French: [fʁɑ̃kɛ̃]; 3 January 1924 – 5 January 1997) was an influential Belgian comics artist, whose best known creations are Gaston and Marsupilami. He also produced the Spirou et...  more
  • 8

    BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium

    Ankur Tewari is a director, writer and musician. Born into a family of engineers and teachers, Ankur Tewari decided to do hotel management and graduated from IHM Bhopal. Almost immediately, he...  more
  • 9

    BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium

    Anne-Marie Etienne is an actress, screenwriter and film director....  more
  • 10

    BirthplaceDendermonde, Belgium

    Annelies Verbeke is a screenwriter....  more
  • 11

    BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium

    Annette Wademant is a screenwriter....  more
  • 12

    BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium

    Axelle Carolyn (born 3 April 1979 in Brussels) is a Belgian filmmaker and former actress and journalist....  more
  • 13

    BirthplaceGhent, Belgium

    Bavo Defurne is a film director, photographer, screenwriter, film producer and film art director....  more
  • 14
    Ben Stassen is a Belgian film director, producer and screenwriter. He founded nWave Pictures in 1994, producing successful CGI ride films including the groundbreaking Devil's Mine. Starting in 1997,...  more
  • 15

    BirthplaceNamur, Belgium, Belgium

    Benoît Poelvoorde (French pronunciation: ​[bənwa pulvoʁd]; born 22 September 1964) is a Belgian actor and comedian....  more
  • 16

    BirthplaceMoresnet-Chapelle, Belgium

    Philippe "Bouli" Lanners (born 20 May 1965) is a Belgian actor, author and film director. His film The Giants was nominated for twelve Magritte Awards, winning five, including Best Film and Best...  more
  • 17


    Carl Colpaert is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. His directing credits include Delusion, The Affair, and G.I. Jesús....  more
  • 18

    BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium

    Chantal Anne Akerman (French: [akɛʁman]; 6 June 1950 – 5 October 2015) was a Belgian film director, screenwriter, artist, and film professor at the City College of New York. She is best known for...  more
  • 19

    BirthplaceHerve, Eurasia, Belgium

    Charles Binamé (born May 25, 1949) is a Quebec director. He was born in Belgium and came to Montreal with his family at a young age. He joined the National Film Board of Canada as an assistant...  more
  • 20

    Charles Frank

    Dec. at 87 (1910-1997)


    Charles Frank is a screenwriter and film director....
  • 21

    Charles Spaak

    Dec. at 71 (1903-1975)

    BirthplaceBrussels, Belgium

    Charles Spaak (25 May 1903 – 4 March 1975) was a Belgian screenwriter who was noted particularly for his work in the French cinema during the 1930s. He was the son of the dramatist and poet Paul...  more
  • 22

    Christophe Hermans

    Age: 38

    BirthplaceNamur, Belgium

    Christophe Hermans is a film director and screenwriter....
  • 23

    BirthplaceGhent, Belgium

    Christophe van Rompaey is a film director, producer, editor, screenwriter and television director....  more
  • 24

    BirthplaceHainaut, Belgium

    Claudine André, (born 6 November 1946 in La Hestre, Hainaut Province, Belgium), is a Belgian conservationist. She founded Lola ya bonobo in 1994, which is a bonobo sanctuary, just south of Kinshasa,...  more
  • 25

    BirthplaceLamastre, France

    Dominique Abel is an actress, film director, screenwriter and film producer....  more