Famous Scroll and Key Members

List of Famous Scroll and Key Members ranked by fame and popularity. Yale is home to several secret societies and the Scroll and Key society has had its fair share of famous and influential members. In their junior year, members are selected based on their achievements in any field whether academic or personal. Who is the most famous Scroll and Key member? Check out this list to find out the ranking of famous Scroll and Key members.

Yale's Scroll and Key society was founded in 1842. Since then many notable figures have claimed membership. The composer Cole Porter attended Yale in 1909 and quickly became a Scroll and Key member. Porter wrote over 300 songs while attending the university. NBC anchor and former host of Dateline Stone Phillips is also a member of the secret society.

The Scroll and Key society have many traditions that are past down year after year. At the close of their sessions, members have been known to sing on the front steps of their hall. Members also sign their letters “yours in truth” and they hold annual events called “Z.S.”

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