The Last Words Of 29 Famous Serial Killers

People are often fascinated with the final words of famous serial killers, perhaps because they are hoping it will shed some light on their actions. However, not all of the last words of convicted killers are filled with meaning. Below you'll see some of the strangest last words of serial killers who have been executed, as well as - unsurprisingly - some really creepy last words. 

Ted Bundy simply shared loved for his family with his last words, while Jeffrey Dahmer was ambivalent. The final words of death row inmate Peter Kurten were gruesome and creepy. Carl Panzram made fun of how long the process was taking the guards. The infamous clown killer, John Wayne Gacy, used his last words to tell everyone off. 

What are the last words of some of the most famous serial slayers? The last words on this list come from the mouths of some of the most heinous, dangerous people in human history.

Photo: Florida Department of Corrections / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain