Unspeakable Times

37 Famous Serial Killers Of Children

This list of famous serial killers of children looks at some of the worst criminals of all time. There is no more heinous crime than the murder of a young child. Taking the life of a small innocent boy or girl seems unfathomable because it’s often in human nature to want to protect and care for children, not harm them. That’s why it’s all the more despicable to hear of serial killers who have not only taken the lives of multiple children, but also ensured that their final moments alive were tortuous ones. Serial killers who focus their horrific crimes on children are often considered among the highest level of evil. Many of these serial killers of children include torture, mutilation, and sexual assault among their crimes against children.

The motives of the serial killers on this list differ vastly. Some of these serial killers are pedophiles and psychopaths who take their hatred out on young victims. A few of the vicious killers on this list were also mothers who took the lives of their own children due to mental illness. Many serial killers of children work as nurses or in other professions where access to children is all too easy.

This list of some of the worst child killers in recorded history features serial murderers from all over the world. Who are the most famous serial killers of children? What are their motives? And what became of these kid killers?