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19 Famous Serial Killers Of Men

The list of serial killers who have preyed on women and children throughout history is so unbearably long that it seems almost commonplace. Much rarer is the serial killer who seeks out male victims, which is why it’s all the more interesting to uncover the motives and mindsets of these devious, vicious killers. Which famous serial killers killed only men? Why did they set their sights on male victims? What became of these serial killers after they were caught? This list seeks to answer those questions and more.

Serial killers of men come from all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds. While some of these serial killers chose their victims in order to steal from them, others had more sexually motivated reasons. A few of these serial killers killed gay men in a twisted attempt to battle their own sexual desires. Female serial killers also had myriad motives, from financial reasons to mental disorders. While some of these serial killers were of sane mind, a few of them lived out their days in mental institutions.

The famous serial killers on this list chose men as their sole victims, for one reason or another, often earning them a spot behind bars.