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20 Famous Serial Killers of Women

List RulesNotable serial killers who preyed on female victims

List of famous serial killers of women, loosely ranked by their infamy. When it comes to serial killers, the most common victims are women. There are a myriad of reasons why serial killers, both men and women, often prey on females over men. Some of these vicious killers believe that women are the easier targets to release their homicidal tendencies. Other serial killers use their hatred of the fairer sex as an excuse for their horrific violent crimes. Female victims are, more often than not, raped,tortured and/or mutilated by their killers as part of a sick ritual.

This list of famous serial killers of women seeks to answer various questions about these crazed madmen and women. Who are the most famous serial killers who exclusively murdered women? What are their motives for killing women? What are their methods of murder? And, finally, what became of these serial killers after they were caught?

The most famous serial killers of women come from all over the globe, from America to Japan. While most of the murders are sexually motivated, there are many other reasons why these serial killers targeted women. This list features the worst of the worst when it comes to female-seeking serial killers.