Famous People You Didn't Know Were Seventh-Day Adventists

Since 1863, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been welcoming in believers. A number of famous Seventh-day Adventists are among the church's congregants, including actors, athletes, and singers. Some of these recognizable people were raised in the faith and many are still members of the church to this day.

Who will you find on this list of Seventh-day Adventist celebrities? Prince was raised Seventh-day Adventist, but he joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2001. Former basketball player Magic Johnson was raised Seventh-day Adventist and he also identifies as Christian. In 2016 he donated over $500,000 to Oakwood University and Church. "I was doing my thing. I was happy, but I wasn’t fulfilled. So now I am the point guard for the Lord," he said.

Two and a Half Men actor Angus T. Jones's Seventh-day Adventist faith conflicted with the humor involved with his popular TV series. "You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that," he said. Other celebrities in the Seventh-day Adventists' church  include Busta Rhymes, Kasey Chambers, and Archie Moore.

Do you think that having a strong faith helped these celebs to succeed at their careers? Take a look at this list and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Photo: marcn / flickr / CC-BY 2.0