The Best Sketch Comedy Groups

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Includes groups that perform live comedy sketches (and may or may not have spin-off shows or movies)

Who are the funniest sketch comedy groups of all time? The best sketch comedy groups are known for producing hilarious comedy shows and skits for stage and screen.  collectives and groups from around the world specializing in short-form comedy, including some focused entirely on improv comedy. Many of these groups - such as Human Giant, The State, Mitchell and Webb, The Whitest Kids U Know and The Kids in the Hall - have gone on to star in television shows or even comedy films based on their performances. Others, such as the Royal Canadian Air Farce and Lonely Island - also gained notoriety for releasing comedy albums. Others have concentrated exclusively on uploading sketches to the Web (especially YouTube) or touring the country performing live comedy in theaters. These may not be all the sketch comedy groups out there, but they are the best. Vote for your favorite and add any that have been missed.

The explosion of sketch comedy as a dominant form for American humorists can be largely traced back to the massive success of "Saturday Night Live" in the US in the 1970s, which introduced the format to many Americans. A number of contemporary sketch comedy troupes - including the legendary Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade - have become well-known as "feeders" for "Saturday Night Live," graduating students prepared to audition for the famed late-night comedy institution.

This list includes the most famous, notable and celebrated sketch comedy groups from around the world. When you're done, check out our list of sketch comedy shows.

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