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Famous Soccer Players from Benin

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List of the best soccer players from Benin. List includes the top soccer (or “football”) players from Benin, along with photos when available. This list of best Benin soccer players is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest players are at the top of the list. If you're searching for a particular famous Benin soccer player you can use the "search" box to find what you're looking for.

The list you're viewing is made up of players like Salomon Wisdom and Séidou Barazé.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Benin footballers?" and "Who is the greatest Benin soccer player of all time?"

You can click on the names of these popular soccer players of Benin in order to get more information about each one. If you're a sports lover then you can use this list of popular Benin soccer players to discover some new athletes that you might really enjoy watching.
  • 1
    Razak Omotoyossi (born 8 October 1985) is a Nigerian-born Beninese footballer who plays for... more on Wikipedia
  • 2
    Kabirou Moussoro Moubang (born 1 September 1983 in Douala) is a former Cameroon-born, Beninese... more on Wikipedia
  • 3
    Mouritala Ogunbiyi (born October 10, 1982) is a Nigeria-born, Beninese professional football... more on Wikipedia
  • 4

    Bello Babatounde

    Forward, Midfielder
    Babatounde Issiaka Bello (born 6 October 1989) is a Beninese footballer who plays as a... more on Wikipedia
  • 5

    Jonas Okétola

    Jonas Okétola (born August 27, 1983 in Nigeria) is a Nigeria-Beninese former footballer. He... more on Wikipedia
  • 6

    Romuald Boco

    Forward, Midfielder
    Romuald Boco (born 8 July 1985) is a footballer who last played as a midfielder for Leyton... more on Wikipedia
  • 7

    Stéphane Sessègnon

    Stéphane Sessègnon (born 1 June 1984) is a Beninese professional footballer who plays for... more on Wikipedia
  • 8

    Djiman Koukou

    Djiman Waidi Koukou (born 14 November 1990) is a Beninese professional footballer who plays as... more on Wikipedia
  • 9

    Nouhoum Kobéna

    Nouihoum Kobenan (born 5 January 1985 in Parakou) is a Beninese retired football player who... more on Wikipedia
  • 10

    Maxime Agueh

    Maxime Agueh (born 1 April 1978 in Lille) is a French-Beninese former football player.
  • 11

    Salomon Wisdom

    Michel Wisdom Salomon Aka (born 1 October 1988 in Cotonou) is a Beninese international... more on Wikipedia
  • 12

    Damien Chrysostome

    Damien Koffi Anderson Chrysostome (born May 24, 1982 in Cotonou) is a Beninese international... more on Wikipedia
  • 13

    Khaled Adénon

    Abdoul Khaled Akiola Adénon (born 28 July 1985) is a Beninese football defender who currently... more on Wikipedia
  • 14

    Patrice Djokoué

    Patrice Djokoue (born 16 May 1990 in Cotonou) is a Beninese international football player who... more on Wikipedia
  • 15

    Dinalo Adigo

    Dinalo Christiano Adigo (born 25 July 1972 in Cotonou) is a former Beninese football player... more on Wikipedia
  • 16

    Mathieu Adeniyi

    Mathieu Adeniyi (born 26 April 1987 Porto-Novo) is a Beninense football player who plays for... more on Wikipedia
  • 17

    Junior Salomon

    Junior Salomon (born 8 April 1986 in Abomey) is a Beninese footballer who currently plays for... more on Wikipedia
  • 18

    Isaac Louté

    Isaac Louté is a Beninese soccer player.
  • 19

    Abdoulaye Ouzérou

    Abdoulaye Ouzérou (born 24 October 1985 in Parakou) is a Beninese international football... more on Wikipedia
  • 20

    Laurent D'Jaffo

    Laurent Mayaba D'Jaffo (born 5 November 1970) is a retired Beninese football player. D'Jaffo... more on Wikipedia
  • 21

    Yoann Djidonou

    Yoann Djidonou (born 17 May 1986) is a footballer who plays For French club SO Romorantin, as... more on Wikipedia
  • 22

    Aziz Balagoun

    Aziz Balagoun (born 8 April 1981 in Porto Novo) is a Beninese international footballer. He... more on Wikipedia
  • 23

    Florent Raimy

    Defender, Midfielder
    Florent Raimy (born February 7, 1986 in Laon, France) is a Beninese professional footballer... more on Wikipedia
  • 24

    Valère Amoussou

    Valère Amoussou (born 10 March 1987 in Cotonou) is a Beninese football player who, is... more on Wikipedia
  • 25

    Noël Séka

    Noël Séka (born 3 September 1984) is a Beninese former footballer who played as a central... more on Wikipedia