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Famous Soccer Players from Fiji

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List of the best soccer players from Fiji. List includes the top soccer (or “football”) players from Fiji, along with photos when available. This list of best Fiji soccer players is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest players are at the top of the list. If you're searching for a particular famous Fiji soccer player you can use the "search" box to find what you're looking for.

This is a list that includes players like Posiano Kalisito and Manoa Masi.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Fiji footballers?" and "Who is the greatest Fiji soccer player of all time?"

You can click on the names of these popular soccer players of Fiji in order to get more information about each one. If you're a sports lover then you can use this list of popular Fiji soccer players to discover some new athletes that you might really enjoy watching.
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    Eran Underwood

    Eran Underwood is a Fijian soccer player who plays for Nadroga FC....
  • 27

    Taniela Waqa

    Taniela Evo Waqa (born June 22, 1983) is a Fijian association football defender playing for Fiji national football team and Labasa FC in the Fijian National Football League. He also participated in...  more
  • 28

    Peniame Drova

    Peniame Drova is a Fijian soccer player who plays for Rewa FC....
  • 29

    Archie Watkins

    Archie Watkins is a Fijian soccer player who plays for Suva FC....
  • 30

    Joseph Mishra

    Joseph Mishra is a Fijian soccer player who plays for Navua FC....
  • 31

    Kamal Hassan

    Kamal Hassan is a Fijian soccer player who plays for Lautoka FC....
  • 32

    Pene Erenio

    Pene Erenio in Fiji is a footballer who plays as a Midfielder. He currently plays for Navua in the National Football League and the Fiji national football team....  more
  • 33

    Ronil Kumar

    Ronil Kumar (born 29 November 1984) is a Fijian retired footballer and current manager of Ba F.C., He played as a midfielder for Fiji national football team, Fijian team Ba F.C., New Zealand club...  more
  • 34

    Akuila Mateisuva

    Akuila Mateisuva is a Fijian footballer....
  • 35

    Keni Doidoi

    Keni Doidoi (born 26 November 1976) is an association football player from Fiji. He plays as a midfielder and has played football with Fijian National Football League club Ba FC since 1998....  more
  • 36

    Samuela Vula

    Samuela Vuluma Vula (born 22 August 1984) is a Fijian international footballer who plays as a defender. As of February 2010, he plays for Rewa in the National Football League and has won seven caps...  more
  • 37

    Esala Masi

    Esala Masi (born 9 March 1974) is a retired Fijian footballer, who played as a striker....  more
  • 38

    Misaele Draunibaka

    Forward, Midfielder
    Misaele Draunibaka is a Fijian soccer player....  more
  • 39

    Paulo Posiano

    Paulo Posiano is a Fijian soccer player....  more
  • 40

    Ilisoni Tuinawaivuvu

    Ilisoni Tuinawaivuvu is a Fijian soccer player....  more
  • 41

    Veresa Toma

    Veresa Toma (born 26 August 1981) is a Fijian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Fijian club Rewa F.C. He has also played in Singapore, Australia and Papua New Guinea. He has represented the...  more