Soccer The Best Soccer Players from Iraq  

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List of the best soccer players from Iraq. List includes the top soccer (or “football”) players from Iraq, along with photos when available. This list of best Iraqi soccer players is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest players are at the top of the list. If you're searching for a particular famous Iraqi soccer player you can use the "search" box to find what you're looking for.

This is a list that features players like Jassim Mohammed Ghulam and Ahmad Fadhel.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Iraqi footballers?" and "Who is the greatest Iraqi soccer player of all time?"

You can click on the names of these popular soccer players of Iraq in order to get more information about each one. If you're a sports lover then you can use this list of popular Iraqi soccer players to discover some new athletes that you might really enjoy watching.
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Younis Mahmoud Khalaf; born 3 February 1983 in Al-Dibs, Kirkuk, Iraq is an Iraqi football player who plays as a striker for the Iraq national football team. Currently, Mahmoud plays for Iraqi ...more

151 22
Emmanuel Baba Dawud better known as Ammo Baba, was a former Iraqi and ethnic Assyrian Christian international football player and coach of the Iraq national football team. He scored the first ...more

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Noor Sabri Abbas Hasan Al-Bairawi, simply known as Noor Sabri is an Iraqi football goalkeeper. He is currently playing for Naft Al-Wasat in Iraq.

117 21
Nashat Akram Abid Ali Al-Eissa is an Iraqi former professional footballer who last played for Erbil. He was an Iraqi international. He usually played as a Playmaker or as an attacking midfielder ...more

69 10
Ahmed Radhi Hmaiesh Al-Salehi is a former Iraqi football player and a current politician. Widely regarded as Iraq's best player of all-time, Radhi scored the only Iraqi goal in the 1986 FIFA ...more

68 10
Hussein Saeed Mohammed is a former Iraqi footballer who played as a forward for the Iraqi Premier League club Al Talaba and the Iraqi national team. Saeed is in the 14th place in the list of top ...more

65 10
Adnan Dirjal
Adnan Dirjal is an Iraqi former footballer and national team coach, one of Iraq's most prominent national team captains.

67 11
Ali Adnan Kadhim
Ali Adnan Kadhim Nassir Al-Tameemi, born December 19, 1993 in Hayy Qahira in Adhamiyah, Baghdad, Iraq, simply known as Ali Adnan, is an Iraqi footballer who plays as a Left back for ...more

79 16
Defender, Midfielder
Hawar Mulla Mohammed Taher Zebari is an Iraqi Kurdish football player, who plays as Winger and Wingback positions for Arbil in Iraq. Hawar was known to be one of the best players in Iraqi ...more

52 8
Forward, Midfielder
Emad Mohammed Ridha is a coach and former Iraqi football striker. He has taken over coaching the last team he played for Al-Zawraa in September 2014 for the upcoming season.

61 12
Bassim Abbas Gatea Al-Ogaili simply known as Bassim Abbas, is an Iraqi professional footballer. He currently plays as a defender for Baghdad football club in Iraq and the Iraq national football

46 9
Basil Gewargis Hanna or Basil Korkis is a former Iraqi Assyrian international football player. Despite having a short career, he is considered to be one of the best players of all time in Iraq, ...more

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Defender, Midfielder
Mahdi Karim Ajeel is an Iraqi footballer. He currently plays as a winger for Al-Shorta in Iraq and the Iraq national football team.

34 5
Qusay Muneer Abboodi Al-Hussein is an Iraqi footballer who is a midfielder for Al-Shorta in Iraqi Premier League and the Iraq national football team. Munir, the defensive midfielder of the Iraqi ...more

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Ali Rehema Defender, Midfielder
Ali Hussein Irhaima is an Iraqi football player.

38 10
Yaser Kasim Midfielder
Yaser Safa Qasim Al-Qadefaje, born 10 May 1991 in Baghdad, Iraq is an Iraqi footballer who plays as midfielder for Swindon Town in the English League One.

31 6
Karrar Jassim Midfielder
Karrar Jassim Mohammed Al-Mahmoudi is an Iraqi football midfielder who is currently plays for Esteghlal. He also plays for the Iraq national football team.

26 4
Humam Tariq Winger, Midfielder
Humam Tariq Faraj Naoush, born on 10 February 1996 in Baghdad, Iraq. Is an Iraqi footballer who plays as an Attacking Midfielder for Al Dhafra SCC.

32 8
Razzaq Farhan Mussa is an Iraqi footballer and Olympic athlete. Razzaq Farhan is an instinctive goalscorer, whose speed in thought and deed makes up for his size and power. The Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya ...more

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Dhurgham Ismail Defender
Dhurgham Ismail Dawoud Al-Quraishi, born May 23, 1994 in Amarah, Maysan, Iraq is an Iraqi footballer who plays as a left full back and sometimes as left winger for Al-Shorta in Iraq Premier

36 12
Ali Abbas Al-Hilfi
Ali Abbas is an Iraqi Australian footballer who plays for Sydney FC in the A-League and the Iraq national team.

29 7
Basim Qasim Midfielder
Basim Qasim Hamdan is an Iraqi football midfielder who played for Iraq in the 1986 FIFA World Cup. He also played for Al-Shorta and is the current manager of Sulaymaniyah FC. He managed Duhok to ...more

29 9
Alaa Abdul-Zahra Forward, Midfielder
Alaa Abdul-Zahra Khashen Al-Azzawi is an Iraqi football player who currently plays for Al-Shorta. He is also a member of Iraq national football team. His nickname is Kaka of Iraq or Iraqi Kaka.

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Ammar Ali Al-Azzawi