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Famous Soccer Players from Lebanon

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List of the best soccer players from Lebanon. List includes the top soccer (or “football”) players from Lebanon, along with photos when available. This list of best Lebanese soccer players is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest players are at the top of the list. If you're searching for a particular famous Lebanese soccer player you can use the "search" box to find what you're looking for.

This list contains players like Aman Hadid and Haitham Faour.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Lebanese footballers?" and "Who is the greatest Lebanese soccer player of all time?"

You can click on the names of these popular soccer players of Lebanon in order to get more information about each one. If you're a sports lover then you can use this list of popular Lebanese soccer players to discover some new athletes that you might really enjoy watching.
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    Abbas Saad

    Abbas Saad (Arabic: عباس سعد) (born 1 December 1967 in Lebanon) is an Australian former international soccer player....  more
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    Roda Antar

    Roda Antar (Arabic: رضا عنتر‎; born 12 September 1980) is a Lebanese football manager and former player. Former captain of Lebanon, Antar is the country's leading goal scorer with 20 goals, on par...  more
  • 3

    Sharbel Touma

    Winger, Forward
    Sharbel Touma (born 25 March 1979) is a Swedish former footballer and manager of Aramean descent....  more
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    Wassim El Banna (Arabic: وسيم البنا‎) (born 10 May 1979) is a Danish-Palestinian football forward. He has represented Odense Boldklub, Aarhus Fremad, and Vejle Boldklub in the Danish Superliga...  more
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    Youssef Wasef Mohamad (Arabic: يوسف واصف محمد‎, born 1 July 1980), also known as Dodo, is a Lebanese professional former footballer. He is one of the most successful players in the history of...  more
  • 6

    Abbas Hassan

    Abbas Hassan (Arabic: عباس حسن‎; born 10 May 1985) is a Lebanese professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Lebanese Premier League club Al-Nejmeh....  more
  • 7

    Mohamad Atwi

    Mohamad Atwi is a Lebanese footballer who plays as a midfielder for Al-Ansar. Atwi made his debut for the Lebanese national team on 11 June 2013, coming off the bench to replace Mahmoud Kojok in the...  more
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    Hasan Dansh

  • 10

    Mohamad Matar

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    Ghassan Shaweekh

  • 13

    Levon Altonian

    Levon Altonian (Arabic: ليفون التونيان‎; born 15 September 1936) is a Lebanese former professional footballer. He was awarded the top scorer of the Lebanese Premier League twice during the 1962–63...  more
  • 14

    Wartan Ghazarian

    Wartan Ghazarian (Arabic: وارطان غازاريان‎, Armenian: Վարտան Ղազարյան; born 1 November 1969) is a football manager and former player. Born in Armenia, Ghazarian moved to Lebanon and obtained...  more
  • 15

    Mardek Chabarian

    Mardek Chabarian (Arabic: مارديك تشاباريان‎) is a Lebanese former footballer of Armenian descent. Active during the 1950s and 1960s, he used to play as a striker for Homenmen and the Lebanon national...  more
  • 16

    Hussein Amine

    Hussein Hassan Amine (born 15 March 1985) is a Lebanese former professional footballer.He began his career with Al-Ansar, when he signed in 2002. His first official appearance was against Nejmeh in a...  more
  • 17

    Mohammed Halaweh

    Mohammed Halaweh, or Mohamed Halawi, (born 5 April 1977) is a former Lebanese footballer who played as a defender. He played as well for Lebanon in the 2000 Asian Cup. He spent nine seasons with...  more
  • 18

    Ali Nasseredine

    Ali Nasseredine (Arabic:علي ناصر الدين; born January 24, 1983) is a Lebanese footballer who currently plays for Al-Ansar in the Lebanese Premier League....  more
  • 19

    Malek Hassoun

    Malek Ibrahim Hassoun (born June 10, 1975) is a Lebanese footballer. He currently plays for Al-Ansar (Lebanon) and wears the Number 10 shirt. He joined the club in 1996, and is still there. He has...  more
  • 20

    Nabil Baalbaki

    Nabil Ali Baalbaki (Arabic: نبيل علي بعلبكي‎; born 27 May 1978) is a Lebanese former footballer who played as a midfielder....  more
  • 21

    Ahmad Itani

    Ahmad Itani (Arabic: احمد عيتاني‎; born 23 February 1979) is a Lebanese former footballer. He was a striker who played for Lebanese club Al-Ahed, joining the club back in 1994....  more
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    Mootaz Jounaidi

    Mootaz Bellah Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed El Jounaidi (Arabic: معتز بالله محمد أحمد محمد الجنيدي‎; born 26 September 1986), or simply Mootaz Jounaidi, is a Lebanese professional footballer who plays as a...  more
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    Mohammed Shamas

    Mohamad Ali Chamas (born 25 February 1987 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a Lebanese professional association football midfielder. Shamas currently plays for the Lebanese Premier League club Nejmeh SC. He has...  more
  • 24

    Khaled Hamieh

    Khaled Hamieh (born June, 1981) is a Lebanese international footballer. He currently plays for Nejmeh in the Lebanese Premier League....  more
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    Hamid Basma