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The Best Fictional Spies, Ranked

List of famous fictional spies with pictures where possible. Who are the best fictional spies? Famous spies, especially female spies, are a favorite among fans across all mediums. From classic characters like James Bond to new hot shots like Jason Bourne and Jack Ryan, this famous spies list will clue you in to all the most famous men and women with secret identities. Spy names are listed here, with a note about which movie or TV show they appeared in. 

Who are the most famous spies on TV and in movies? A spy is a master of infiltration. The clandestine operations involved in spying are the thing of legends, black ops by secret agents you wouldn't believe. Small wonder then that spy stories are so popular, with their gadgets, subversion, and dual identities. Today, they can be found in movies, tv, books, comics, and games. This list of fictional spies contains many of them.

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