Human Body

Famous Studies On Humans That Could Never Happen Today

Scientific experiments on humans are the Holy Grail when it comes to the psychological study of human behavior, as testing on animals such as rats or monkeys can only get a researcher so far. But with human testing comes a very different set of ethics, and the infamous human studies listed below may have violated an innate moral code. These experiments focus on the study of gender, mind control, conformity, psychological conditioning, sexuality, memory, mental illness, aggression, and more.

Subject college students to a prison environment? Check. Condition a baby until it's afraid of Santa Claus? You bet. Tell orphans they have terrible speech problems to generate terrible speech problems? That's been done, too. However, some social experiments backfire on researchers, leading to further complications. And all of these historical studies have received criticism from both the public and the scientific community for the researchers' treatment of subjects. 

To study human behavior and experiment on real people can lead to critical breakthroughs, or they can cause irreversible problems. These experiments did both. Whatever you think about these studies, many of them are of the most famous psychology experiments ever conducted.