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Famous Survivors of Cervical Cancer

Updated 15 Jun 2019 12.6k views11 items

While cervical cancer is a serious disease, it is luckily very treatable if caught early and many famous survivors of cervical cancer were fortunate enough to discover their cancer before it spread. Routine screenings with a gynecologist are vital to early detection, which can often be life saving. Many of the below stars opted to share their cancer experiences with the world, helping the public stay informed about risk factors and treatment options. 

Many celebrities who had cervical cancer successfully beat the disease with prompt intervention and medical treatment. Beloved writer Judy Blume underwent a hysterectomy for her cervical cancer and Real Housewives star Tamra Barney revealed she had cervical cancer in 2012. Sadly, however, many people with cervical cancer do not survive. While she fought the disease for two years, singer Joey Feek succumbed to cancer in 2016. To learn more about famous people who had cervical cancer, read this list. 

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