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75+ Famous Singers Who Are Taurus

Updated 7 Feb 2020 1.0k views79 items

List RulesOnly singers born from April 21st — May 21st.

Who are the most famous Taurus singers? This list highlights all the well-known singers that share the Taurus sign. Because they're earth signs, Tauruses happen to be very grounded. They are also patient, reliable, and devoted. With those qualities in mind, it makes sense these Taurus celebrities became singers.

Out of all the famous people that are Tauruses, these singers have definitely been influential in shaping the music industry. Some of the great Taurus singers include Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, and Fred Astaire. The list of classics goes on and on: Shirley Temple, Barbara Streisand, and Frankie Valli are all Taurus musicians. Music wouldn't be what it is today without these famous Taurus artists' gifts and talents. There's also some younger faces featured on here as well, like Melanie Martinez and Birdy. 

If you're also a Taurus, you might find that you have a lot in common with these Taurus celebs. Practical, steady, and responsible, Tauruses have the unwavering power to accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Keep reading to learn about the many famous male and female singers that share the Taurus zodiac sign, and see if any of your favorite singers happen to be Tauruses. For more Taurus content, you can check out our list on famous Taurus rappers.

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