19 Things People Accomplished When They Were Teenagers

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Ah, the teenage years! It's a time when most of us stressed over prom dates or finding the right acne medication. But not the famous teens on this list! As an adult, you probably never thought you'd have teenage role models. But think again, as these impressive young overachievers accomplished things most adults don't even dream about!   

When you were between 13 and 19, your biggest feats were probably making honor roll or winning a basketball game. Maybe you got into the college of your dreams or received a scholarship for playing the trombone like a boss. But the fearless and famous teen leaders on this list will blow your mind with their ingenuity and relentless drive.

From winning the Nobel Prize to ruling nations to sailing around the world to selling an app for $30 million, these teens didn't let their age stop them from achieving their dreams. Who needs to worry about getting a learner's permit to drive when you're busy changing the course of world history? Vote up the teenage mutant ninja rebels you're most impressed by!