23 Famous Transgender Models That Are Beyond Beautiful

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A comprehensive list of famous and notable fashion models around the world and throughout history.

Their beauty is more than skin deep. These transgender models are inspirations for fashion designers and fans alike. And their talents aren't limited to the runway. Some notable trans models also act in films, while other popular transgender models moonlight as musicians. Some of the most notable transgender models connect with their fans via YouTube vlogs.

Who will you find on this list of famous MTF transgender models? Carmen Carrera appears at the top. Born Christopher Roman, the actress and model has appeared in such television series as The Bold and the Beautiful and Jane the Virgin. She publicly revealed that she identified as a woman on a 2009 episode of What Would You Do? and has begun making the transition from male to female. Amanda Lepore is another famous transgender model featured on this list.

Isis King gained the national spotlight when she appeared on America's Next Top Model, becoming the first transgender model to appear on the series. "I always say I’m the Kate Moss of the trans models because I’m shorter than everyone else, and I’ve been around now for a long time," she said. Other famous women who appear on this list include Candy Darling, April Ashley, and Harisu.

Which transgender model do you find the most inspiring?