Unspeakable Times

Notorious True Crime Houses You Can Actually Live In

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Homes are some of the only places where true privacy exists. The four walls of a house block out the rest of the world, allowing the inhabitants to do whatever their hearts desire without the pressure of prying eyes. But without the judgmental gaze of the public to keep them in check, some people will do terrible - even genuinely despicable - things. Once the police have recovered the victims and cataloged all the evidence, all there is left to do is list these crime scene houses for sale. After all, these are still perfectly good dwellings - if you can get past the slayings.

Sales listings for famous crime scene homes where serial killers may have operated don't always appear that sordid from the outside. The nondescript buildings seem like another house in the neighborhood, rather than the location of terrible occurrences. They might even have changed drastically compared to how they used to look, leaving nothing behind but the memories of the ghastly crimes carried out within.

If you've ever fancied owning such a house, then take a look at these examples and how much they might set you back.