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Famous TV Actors from Switzerland

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List of famous TV actors from Switzerland, listed alphabetically with photos of the actors when available. Switzerland has given birth to a lot of talented television actors who have gone on to star in comedies, dramas, soap operas, reality shows and more. These are some of the funniest and most talented Swiss TV stars that have ever lived, so if you're an aspiring actor or actress from Switzerland this list should contain many of your idols. If you're looking for a particular popular actor or actress from Switzerland then use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

List features TV actors like Iouri Podladtchikov and Vania Vilers.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the best Swiss TV actors?" and "Which television actors are from Switzerland?"

You can click on the names of these legendary TV stars of Switzerland in order to get more information about each one. If you're a TV junkie use this list of talented Swiss actresses to find some new TV stars that you haven't already heard of.
  • Kat Graham1

    Kat Graham

    The Vampire Diaries

    BirthplaceGeneva, Switzerland

    NationalityUnited States of America

    Katerina Alexandre Hartford Graham (born September 5, 1989) is a Swiss-born American actress,...  more

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  • Alain Delon2

    Alain Delon

    Frank Riva, Fabio Montale

    BirthplaceSceaux, France


    Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon (born 8 November 1935) is a French actor and businessman. He...  more

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  • Tina Turner3
    Tina Turner (born Anna Mae Bullock, November 26, 1939) is an internationally recognized...  more

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  • Maximilian Schell4

    Maximilian Schell

    Wiseguy, Peter the Great

    BirthplaceVienna, Austria

    NationalitySwitzerland, Austria

    Maximilian Schell (8 December 1930 – 1 February 2014) was an Austrian-born Swiss film and...  more

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  • Tyler Hoechlin5

    Tyler Hoechlin

    Teen Wolf, 7th Heaven

    BirthplaceCorona, California, USA

    NationalitySwitzerland, United States of America

    Tyler Lee Hoechlin (; born September 11, 1987) is an American actor. Initially earning...  more

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  • William Wyler6
    William Wyler (; born Willi Wyler (German: [ˈvɪlɪ ˈvi:lɐ]); July 1, 1902 – July 27, 1981) was...  more
  • Mario Adorf7

    Mario Adorf

    Marco Polo, Mino

    BirthplaceZürich, Switzerland

    NationalitySwitzerland, Germany

    Mario Adorf (born 8 September 1930) is a German actor, considered to be one of the great...  more
  • Stephanie Morgenstern8

    Stephanie Morgenstern

    Yin Yang Yo!, Blazing Dragons

    BirthplaceGeneva, Switzerland

    NationalityCanada, Switzerland

    Stephanie Grace Morgenstern is a Swiss-Canadian actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter for...  more
  • Isabel Lucas9

    Isabel Lucas

    Home and Away

    BirthplaceMelbourne, Australia

    NationalitySwitzerland, Australia

    Isabel Lucas (born 29 January 1985) is an Australian actress and model. From 2003–06 she...  more
  • Roger Federer10
    ← Roger Federer (German pronunciation: [ˈrɔdʒər ˈfeːdərər]; born 8 August 1981) is a Swiss...  more

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  • Yul Brynner11

    Yul Brynner

    Anna and the King

    BirthplaceVladivostok, Russia


    Yul Brynner (born Yuliy Borisovich Briner, Russian: Юлий Борисович Бринер; July 11, 1920 –...  more

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  • Kate Burton12

    Kate Burton

    Grey's Anatomy, Scandal

    BirthplaceGeneva, Switzerland

    NationalityWales, Switzerland, United States of America

    Katherine Burton (born September 10, 1957) is a Swiss-born Welsh-American actress, daughter of...  more
  • Otto Frank13
    Otto Heinrich Frank (12 May 1889 – 19 August 1980) was a German businessman who later became a...  more
  • Vincent Pérez14

    Vincent Pérez

    Paris enquêtes criminelles

    BirthplaceLausanne District, Switzerland, European Free Trade Association, Lausanne, Canton of Vaud

    NationalitySwitzerland, Spain

    Vincent Perez (born 10 June 1964) is a Swiss actor, director and photographer. He is best...  more
  • Ursula Andress15

    Ursula Andress

    Falcon Crest

    BirthplaceOstermundigen, Switzerland

    NationalitySwitzerland, United States of America

    Ursula Andress (; born 19 March 1936) is a Swiss film and television actress, former model and...  more

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  • Sofia Milos16

    Sofia Milos

    CSI: Miami, Caroline in the City

    BirthplaceZürich, Switzerland

    NationalitySwitzerland, Italy, Greece

    Sofia Milos (; born 27 September 1969) is a Swiss-born Italian/Greek actress. She is best...  more
  • Emil Jannings17
    Emil Jannings (born Theodor Friedrich Emil Janenz, 23 July 1884 – 2 January 1950) was a German...  more

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  • Martina Hingis18
    Martina Hingis (German pronunciation: [marˈtiːna ˈhɪŋɡɪs]; born 30 September 1980) is a Swiss...  more

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  • Bruno Ganz19
    Bruno Ganz (German: [ˈbruːno ˈɡant͡s] (listen); 22 March 1941 – 16 February 2019) was a Swiss...  more
  • Yehudi Menuhin20
    Yehudi Menuhin, Baron Menuhin, (22 April 1916 – 12 March 1999) was an American-born violinist...  more
  • Robert Palmer21
    Robert Allen Palmer (19 January 1949 – 26 September 2003) was an English singer-songwriter,...  more

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  • Maria Schell22

    Maria Schell

    The Martian Chronicles

    BirthplaceVienna, Austria

    NationalitySwitzerland, Austria

    Maria Margarethe Anna Schell (15 January 1926 – 26 April 2005) was an Austrian-Swiss actress....  more
  • Michelle Hunziker23

    Michelle Hunziker

    La forza dell'amore, Love Bugs

    BirthplaceSorengo, Switzerland


    Michelle Yvonne Hunziker (Swiss German: [miˌʃɛl ˈhʊntsɪkər], Italian: [miʃˌʃɛl ˈ(h)untsiker];...  more
  • Jan Schmid24
    Jan Andreas Schmid (born 24 November 1983) is a Norwegian nordic combined skier, of Swiss...  more
  • Daniel Bernhardt25

    Daniel Bernhardt

    Mortal Kombat: Konquest

    BirthplaceBern, Switzerland


    Daniel Bernhardt (born 31 August 1965) is a Swiss actor, model, and martial artist....  more