15 Famous TV Houses, Ranked By Zillow Value

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The homes of many of our favorite TV characters are almost as memorable as the protagonists themselves. Some are mere facades built in studio backlots, but many others are real homes you could buy in real life if you were so inclined. And wealthy. 

If you’ve ever fantasized about living it up in the mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (actually in Brentwood) or kicking back in the bungalow of The Golden Girls (not really in Florida), read on and plan for that future lottery win. 

  • The 'Roseanne' House: $210,200
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    The 'Roseanne' House: $210,200

    Representing working-class America, the house where the Conners lived on Roseanne was practically the only place we ever saw them. Located at 619 Runnymeade Ave. in Evansville, IN, the place is still standing and was on the market in 2013.

  • Wayne Manor, 'Batman' (1960s TV Series): $14,866,400
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    Holy real estate bubble, Batman! The 10 bedroom, 6 bathroom Pasadena, CA, mansion featured in the campy 1960s TV series - always referred to as “stately” - is a snip at just under $15 million. Unfortunately, Alfred the butler no longer works there. 

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    The 'Fresh Prince' Mansion: $10,594,600

    From 1990 to 1996, guests saw the Bel-Air house that represented a new (and rich) life for Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Ironically, the colonial/neoclassical mansion isn't even in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, but in nearby posh Brentwood - 251 N. Bristol Ave., to be exact. 

    You can swing by and check it out whenever you're in the neighborhood, but don't expect Geoffrey to answer the door.

  • The 'Mork & Mindy' House: $2,714,300
    Photo: ABC

    The Happy Days spin-off that launched the career of Robin Williams was shot in its actual setting: Boulder, CO. The sticker price of the Victorian home featured in the show is as out-of-this-world as its titular character, at nearly $3 million.

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    The 'Full House' House: $5,350,000

    "Everywhere you look" in Alamo Square in San Francisco, you can see the famous Full House intro shots. These homes are called "The Painted Ladies" and were used to establish the show, but none was the actual house where the Tanners "lived."

    If you're really interested in checking that out, it's at 1709 Broderick St., about a one-mile walk from the Painted Ladies. Bob Saget returned to the house in 2013 and said the experience was “creepy.”

  • The 'Married... With Children' House: $571,300
    Photo: Fox

    Even at the time the show ran, a mall shoe salesman earning enough to afford a large suburban home and support a stay-at-home wife was really pushing the audience’s suspension of disbelief. The home used for the external shots is in Deerfield, IL, and has a price well beyond the means of the Al Bundys of today.

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