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Famous University Of Maryland, College Park Alumni

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List RulesPeople on this list must have gone to University of Maryland, College Park and be of some renown.

List of famous alumni from University of Maryland, College Park, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from University of Maryland, College Park include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished University of Maryland, College Park alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended University of Maryland, College Park are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from University of Maryland, College Park.

List is made up of graduates like Karl Rove and Larry David.

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to University of Maryland, College Park?” and “Which celebrities are University of Maryland, College Park alumni?”
  • Karl Rove1

    Karl Rove

    Commentator, Businessperson


    BirthplaceArea code 720, Colorado, Area code 303, Denver, Area codes 303 and 720

    Karl Christian Rove (born December 25, 1950) is an American Republican political consultant...  more

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  • Larry David2

    Larry David

    Comedian, Television producer


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America

    Lawrence Gene David (born July 2, 1947) is an American comedian, writer, actor, director, and...  more

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  • Sergey Brin3

    Sergey Brin

    Executive Management, Businessperson


    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia

    Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin (Russian: Серге́й Миха́йлович Брин; born August 21, 1973) is an...  more

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  • Jim Henson4

    Jim Henson

    Television director, Television producer

    AgeDied at 54 (1936-1990)

    BirthplaceGreenville, Mississippi, USA

    James Maury Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990) was an American puppeteer, animator,...  more

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  • Essex Hemphill5

    AgeDec. at 38 (1957-1995)

    BirthplaceUSA, Chicago, Illinois

    Essex Hemphill (April 16, 1957 – November 4, 1995) was an openly gay American poet and...  more
  • Kevin Plank6

    Kevin Plank

    Businessperson, Entrepreneur


    BirthplaceKensington, Maryland

    Kevin A. Plank (born August 13, 1972) is an American billionaire businessman and...  more
  • Connie Chung7

    Connie Chung

    Journalist, Newsreader


    BirthplaceWashington, D.C., United States of America

    Constance Yu-Hwa Chung (born August 20, 1946) is an American journalist. She has been an...  more

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  • Robin Quivers8

    Robin Quivers

    Nurse, Author


    BirthplacePikesville, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America

    Robin Ophelia Quivers (born August 8, 1952) is an American radio personality, author, and...  more

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  • Shawne Merriman9

    Shawne Merriman

    Actor, American football player


    BirthplaceWashington, D.C., United States of America

    Shawne DeAndre Merriman (born May 25, 1984), nicknamed "Lights Out", is a former American...  more
  • George J. Laurer10


    BirthplaceNew York

    George Joseph Laurer (born September 23, 1925 in New York, NY) developed the Universal Product...  more
  • Carl Bernstein11

    Carl Bernstein

    Journalist, Author


    BirthplaceWashington, D.C., United States of America

    Carl Bernstein ( BURN-steen; born February 14, 1944) is an American investigative journalist...  more
  • Giuliana Rancic12

    Giuliana Rancic

    Journalist, Television producer


    BirthplaceNaples, Italy

    Giuliana Rancic (; née DePandi; born August 17, 1974) is an Italian-American entertainment...  more

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  • 13

    Robert Fischell

    Physicist, Inventor


    Robert Fischell (born 1929) is a physicist, inventor, and holder of more than 200 U.S. and...  more
  • Marianela Pereyra14
    Marianela Pereyra (born December 17, 1979) is an American–Argentine TV host, health advocate,...  more
  • William C. McCool15

    AgeDec. at 42 (1961-2003)

    BirthplaceSan Diego, California

    William Cameron "Willie" McCool (September 23, 1961 – February 1, 2003), (Cmdr, USN), was an...  more
  • Paul W. Richards16

    Paul W. Richards

    Astronaut, Engineer


    BirthplaceScranton, Pennsylvania

    Paul William Richards (born May 20, 1964 in Scranton, Pennsylvania) is an American engineer...  more
  • Judith Resnik17

    Judith Resnik

    Astronaut, Scientist

    AgeDec. at 37 (1949-1986)

    BirthplaceAkron, Ohio

    Judith Arlene Resnik (; April 5, 1949 – January 28, 1986) was an American electrical engineer,...  more


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  • David Mills18

    David Mills

    Journalist, Television producer

    AgeDec. at 49 (1961-2010)

    BirthplaceWashington, D.C.

    David Eugene Mills (November 20, 1961 – March 30, 2010) was an American journalist, writer and...  more
  • 19
    Thomas Francis Johnson (June 26, 1909 – February 1, 1988) was a U.S. Congressman who...  more
  • Jim Walton20
    Jim Walton (born 1958) is the former president of CNN Worldwide. He joined CNN in 1981, one...  more
  • Droz21


    Wrestler, Essayist


    BirthplaceMays Landing, New Jersey, USA

    Darren A. Drozdov (born April 7, 1969) is an American essayist, former football player and...  more
  • David Silverman22

    David Silverman

    Television director, Television producer


    BirthplaceContiguous United States, New York, United States of America, United States, with Territories

    David Silverman may refer to: David Silverman (animator) (born 1957), American animator and...  more
  • Gale Pollock23

    BirthplaceKearny, New Jersey

    Gale S. Pollock is a retired United States Army major general who served as the Deputy Surgeon...  more
  • David Banner24

    David Banner

    Record producer, Songwriter


    BirthplaceJackson, USA, Mississippi

    Lavell William Crump (born April 11, 1974), known professionally as David Banner, is an...  more

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  • Dianne Wiest25

    Dianne Wiest

    Actor, Voice acting


    BirthplaceKansas City, Missouri, United States of America

    Dianne Evelyn Wiest (; born March 28, 1946) is an American actress. She has twice won the...  more