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Famous University Of Paris Alumni

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List of famous alumni from University of Paris, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from University of Paris include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished University of Paris alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended University of Paris are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from University of Paris.

The list you're viewing is made up of a variety of different graduates, including Carla Bruni and Michael Weatherly.

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to University of Paris?” and “Which celebrities are University of Paris alumni?”
  • 1

    Simone de Beauvoir

    Novelist, Writer

    AgeDec. at 78 (1908-1986)

    BirthplaceParis, France


    Simone Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir (UK: , US: , French: [simɔn də bovwaʁ] (listen); 9 January 1908 – 14 April 1986) was a French writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher,...  more

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    Marie Curie

    Physicist, Chemist

    AgeDec. at 67 (1867-1934)

    BirthplaceWarsaw, Second Polish Republic


    Marie Skłodowska Curie ( KEWR-ee, French: [kyʁi], Polish: [kʲiˈri]; born Maria Salomea Skłodowska; 7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934) was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who...  more

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    Carla Bruni

    Songwriter, Singer-songwriter


    BirthplaceTurin, Italy


    Carla Bruni Sarkozy (born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi; Italian pronunciation: [ˈkarla dʒilˈbɛrta ˈbruːni teˈdeski]; 23 December 1967) is an Italian-French singer-songwriter and former supermodel....  more

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    Norman Mailer

    Poet, Journalist

    AgeDec. at 84 (1923-2007)

    BirthplaceLong Branch, New Jersey, United States of America


    Norman Kingsley Mailer (January 31, 1923 – November 10, 2007) was an American novelist, journalist, essayist, playwright, film-maker, actor, and liberal political activist. His novel The Naked and...  more
  • 5

    Vera Wang

    Fashion designer, Designer


    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America


    Vera Ellen Wang (Chinese: 王薇薇; born June 27, 1949) is an American fashion designer based in New York City....  more

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    Ronald Lauder



    BirthplaceNew York City, New York, United States of America


    Ronald Steven Lauder (born February 26, 1944) is an American businessman, art collector, and political activist. He is an heir to the Estée Lauder Companies, and the president of the World Jewish...  more
  • 7

    Thomas Becket

    Priest, Bishop

    AgeDec. at 52 (1118-1170)

    BirthplaceCheapside, United Kingdom


    Thomas Becket (), also known as Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Thomas of London and later Thomas à Becket (21 December c. 1119 (or 1120) – 29 December 1170), was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until...  more
  • 8

    Roland Barthes

    Writer, Philosopher

    AgeDec. at 65 (1915-1980)

    BirthplaceCherbourg-Octeville, France


    Roland Gérard Barthes (; French: [ʁɔlɑ̃ baʁt]; 12 November 1915 – 26 March 1980) was a French literary theorist, philosopher, critic, and semiotician. Barthes' ideas explored a diverse range of...  more
  • 9

    AgeDec. at 77 (1914-1991)

    BirthplaceTehran, Iran


    Shapour Bakhtiar (Persian: شاپور بختیار‎ Listen ; 26 June 1914 – 6 August 1991) was an Iranian politician who served as the last Prime Minister of Iran under the Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He and...  more
  • 10

    Louis Aragon

    Poet, Novelist

    AgeDec. at 85 (1897-1982)

    BirthplaceParis, France


    Louis Aragon (French: [lwi aʁaɡɔ̃], pronunciation , 3 October 1897 – 24 December 1982) was a French poet who was one of the leading voices of the surrealist movement in France. He co-founded with...  more
  • 11

    Gerhard Ertl

    Physicist, Chemist


    BirthplaceStuttgart, Germany


    Gerhard Ertl (born 10 October 1936) is a German physicist and a Professor emeritus at the Department of Physical Chemistry, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Berlin, Germany. Ertl's...  more
  • 12

    Susan Sontag

    Cultural critic, Novelist

    AgeDec. at 71 (1933-2004)

    BirthplaceNew York City, New York


    Susan Sontag (; January 16, 1933 – December 28, 2004) was an American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, teacher, and political activist. She mostly wrote essays, but also published novels; she...  more

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  • 13

    Benoit Mandelbrot

    Mathematician, Professor

    AgeDec. at 86 (1924-2010)

    BirthplaceWarsaw, Second Polish Republic


    Benoit B.  Mandelbrot  (20 November 1924 – 14 October 2010) was a Polish-born, French and American mathematician and polymath with broad interests in the practical sciences, especially regarding what...  more
  • 14

    Elie Wiesel

    Professor, Novelist


    BirthplaceSighetu Marmației, Romania


    Eliezer Wiesel (, Hebrew: אֱלִיעֶזֶר וִיזֶל‎ ʾĔlîʿezer Vîzel; September 30, 1928 – July 2, 2016) was a Romanian-born American writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust...  more

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  • 15

    Pope John XXI


    AgeDec. at 62 (1215-1277)

    BirthplaceLisbon, Portugal


    Pope John XXI (Latin: Ioannes XXI; c. 1215 – 20 May 1277), born Peter Juliani (Latin: Petrus Iulianus; Portuguese: Pedro Julião), was Pope from 8 September 1276 to his death in 1277. Apart from...  more
  • 16
    Andrew Stewart (died 1501) was a 15th-century Scottish prelate and administrator. ...  more
  • 17
    Robert Henryson (Middle Scots: Robert Henrysoun) was a poet who flourished in Scotland in the period c. 1460–1500. Counted among the Scots makars, he lived in the royal burgh of Dunfermline and is a...  more
  • 18
    Pope Honorius IV (c. 1210 – 3 April 1287), born Giacomo Savelli, was Pope from 2 April 1285 to his death in 1287. During his pontificate he largely continued to pursue the pro-French political policy...  more
  • 19
    Pope Innocent III (Latin: Innocentius III; 1160 or 1161 – 16 July 1216), born Lotario dei Conti di Segni (anglicized as Lothar of Segni) reigned from 8 January 1198 to his death in 1216. Pope...  more

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  • 20

    AgeDec. at 55 (1948-2003)

    BirthplaceRio de Janeiro, Brazil


    Sérgio Vieira de Mello (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈsɛʁʒu viˈejɾɐ dʒi ˈmɛlu], 15 March 1948 – 19 August 2003) was a United Nations diplomat of Brazil who worked for the United Nations for more than...  more
  • 21

    Julien Offray de La Mettrie

    Physician, Philosopher

    AgeDec. at 42 (1709-1751)

    BirthplaceSaint-Malo, France


    Julien Offray de La Mettrie (French: [ɔfʁɛ də la metʁi]; November 23, 1709 – November 11, 1751) was a French physician and philosopher, and one of the earliest of the French materialists of the...  more

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  • 22
    George Buchanan (Scottish Gaelic: Seòras Bochanan; February 1506 – 28 September 1582) was a Scottish historian and humanist scholar. According to historian Keith Brown, Buchanan was "the most...  more
  • 23
    Patrick Hamilton (1504 – 29 February 1528) was a Scottish churchman and an early Protestant Reformer in Scotland. He travelled to Europe, where he met several of the leading reformed thinkers, before...  more
  • 24


    Robert Blackadder was a medieval Scottish cleric, diplomat and politician, who was abbot of Melrose, bishop-elect of Aberdeen and bishop of Glasgow; when the last was elevated to archiepiscopal...  more
  • 25
    Andrew de Durisdeer [Durisdere] (possibly Andrew Muirhead; died 20 November 1473) was a 15th-century bishop of Glasgow. The geographical appellation "de Durisdeer" indicates that he came from...  more