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Infamous Unreleased Video Games

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For every Call of Duty and Assassins Creed sequel that hits shelves, another promising video game is dead on arrival. Financial issues, technical issues and just plan creative issues have killed even the most promising games. While the video game industry has ballooned to a whopping $100 billion, with new consoles and games being released at a breakneck pace even the biggest developers run into financial issues and delays that leave a game sitting on a hard drive for eternity. 

Gamers waited on The Last Guardian for nearly eight years and Half-Life 3, which has become a long-running joke, will doubtfully see the light of day. There are some unfortunate games that got plenty of hype but never hit store shelves. Whether it was a financial issue, technical issue, or some form of internal drama, there are a plethora of games that were never published.

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    Silent Hills

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    A power struggle between legendary game designer Hideo Kojima and Konami led to the cancellation of one of the highly anticipated Silent Hills. In 2012, Konami approached Kojima to direct the next installment in the Silent Hill series. Kojima teamed with Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus to complete the project,

    The game was announced at Gamescom in 2014 as a playable teaser called P.T., which took the convention by storm. Alas, the good times were short-lived. The falling out with Kojima during Metal Gear Solid V's development led Konami to cancel Silent Hills.

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    Star Wars 1313

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    Every Star Wars fan has long dreamed of an adventure game where they control fan-favorite Boba Fett. LucasArts almost made that happen with Star Wars 1313, a game that followed the young life of the popular bounty hunter exploring the seedy underbelly of Coruscant.

    Sadly, the sale of the Star Wars brand to The Walt Disney Company halted production on all projects, including Star Wars 1313. While some fans hold out hope this one still might see the light of day, Disney let the trademark lapse in 2014, which isn't a good sign.

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    While most game developers abandoned twitchy button mashers for expansive storytelling and intricate world-building titles, PlatinumGames was using the full power of modern consoles to make the biggest and best action titles since Contra and Metroid.

    Platinum's Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Metal Gear: Revengeance represented some of the best action titles in modern gaming. Because of their pedigree, people were hyped for their upcoming Xbox One game, Scalebound. Sadly, Microsoft pulled the plug on the dragon-based co-op shooter when deadlines were missed and the engine itself wasn't up to snuff.

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    Before Konami screwed us out of Guillermo Del Toro's Silent Hills, THQ screwed him out of inSANE, his first foray into video game development. Originally, Del Toro partnered up with the team at Volition, known for their work on Saints Row.

    Ultimately, THQ released the rights to the game to the famed director after they were shut down and had to sell off assets to pay off debts in 2013. Whether or not the survival horror game will ever see the light of day is anyone's guess, but considering Del Toro's terrible luck with getting games off the ground, it's a long shot.

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