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Famous Upright Citizens Brigade Members

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List of Famous Upright Citizens Brigade Members ranked by fame and popularity. The Upright Citizens Brigade is one of the funniest improv troupes to emerge from the Chicago sketch comedy scene. After a move to New York City, the group really came into its own, propelling members forward into great careers. Enjoy this list of famous Upright Citizens Brigade Members.

Who is the most famous member of the Upright Citizens Brigade? Funny lady Amy Poehler tops our list. Poehler used her success with the UCB to solidify roles on “Late Night with Conan O'Brien,” “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks and Recreation.” Adam McKay may not be well known on screen, but the Upright Citizens Brigade alumni has written for “SNL” and “Eastbound and Down” and he co-founded the website “Funny or Die” with Will Ferrell.

Matt Walsh was a key element to the success of the Upright Citizens Brigade and has went on to star in some of the funniest shows on television. Besides the Upright Citizens Brigade TV series, Walsh has also been featured in “Dog Bites Man,” “Reno 911!” and “Veep.”

What do you think of all of the talented comedians that were involved in the Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupe? Check out this list and share your thoughts in the comments section.
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