The Most Beloved US Veterans

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While all of our veterans should be beloved and respected, many have stuck in the public consciousness. Some became famous veterans because of their incredible accomplishments in war, and others because of their accomplishments in entertainment or business after their service. While some of the names on this list of famous US veterans are decorated heroes, and others were malcontents who couldn't stay out of military prison (looking at you, George Carlin), all are veterans that are now loved and respected by the public.

Veterans like bomber pilot and movie star Jimmy Stewart, are obviously iconic. Others, like former Marine Corps driver turned icon Bea Arthur, might be people you had no idea served in the military. Their accomplishments in uniform run the gamut, from the heroism of Audie Murphy to personally having a bounty put on them by Hitler (Clark Gable) to undistinguished stints that ended quickly. A few fought in World War II and became highly anti-authoritarian. There are even some baseball players who gave up years of their careers to put themselves in harms way in combat in both World Wars.

Vote up the American veterans you respect and revere the most, and vote down the ones who don't deserve the admiration they get from the public. From US Army veterans to World War 2 veterans, any famous and beloved veteran of the US armed forces deserves a spot on this list!
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  • George Washington
    Dec. at 67 (1732-1799)
    • Birthplace: Popes Creek, Colony of Virginia, British America
    How did we miss him? First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countryman. And nobody can ever outrank him, thanks to an appropriate bill passed by Congress.
  • Audie Murphy
    Dec. at 45 (1925-1971)
    • Birthplace: Kingston, Texas, United States of America
    The most decorated soldier in American history. Later became a film actor.
  • Alvin C. York
    Dec. at 76 (1887-1964)
    • Birthplace: Pall Mall, Tennessee
    Heroic World War I soldier who became famous after the war.
  • George S. Patton
    Dec. at 60 (1885-1945)
    • Birthplace: San Gabriel, California
    Famous "blood and guts" general who led tank armies across Germany.
  • Chesty Puller
    Dec. at 73 (1898-1971)
    • Birthplace: West Point, Virginia
    The most decorated Marine in history, he fought in the Banana Wars, World War II, and Korea.
  • Jimmy Doolittle
    Dec. at 96 (1896-1993)
    • Birthplace: Alameda, California
    Army Air Force General who led the first bombing raid against Japan in World War II.
  • Chester W. Nimitz
    Dec. at 80 (1885-1966)
    • Birthplace: Fredericksburg, Texas, United States of America
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Dec. at 78 (1890-1969)
    • Birthplace: Texas, Denison, Contiguous United States, United States of America, Grayson County
  • John Basilone
    Dec. at 28 (1916-1945)
    • Birthplace: Buffalo, New York
  • James Stewart
    Dec. at 89 (1908-1997)
    • Birthplace: Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    Enlisted as a private, flew combat missions in World War II and retired a two-star general.
  • Pappy Boyington
    Dec. at 75 (1912-1988)
    • Birthplace: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
  • Ira Hayes
    Dec. at 32 (1923-1955)
    • Birthplace: Sacaton, Arizona
  • Eddie Rickenbacker
    Dec. at 82 (1890-1973)
    • Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
    World War I American fighter ace and aviation pioneer.
  • Theodore Roosevelt
    Dec. at 60 (1858-1919)
    • Birthplace: New York City, Manhattan, Area code 917, Contiguous United States, New York
    The future president led a charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba in the Spanish-American War.
  • George Marshall
    Dec. at 78 (1880-1959)
    • Birthplace: Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States of America
  • Lee Marvin
    Dec. at 63 (1924-1987)
    • Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America
    The tough guy actor fought with the Marines at Saipan, and was badly wounded.
  • Ted Williams
    Dec. at 83 (1918-2002)
    • Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States of America
    Gave up four years of his baseball career to serve as a Naval aviator.
  • Pat Tillman
    Dec. at 27 (1976-2004)
    • Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Left the NFL to join the Army Rangers. Was killed in action in Afghanistan.
  • John J. Pershing
    Dec. at 87 (1860-1948)
    • Birthplace: Laclede, Missouri
  • Omar Bradley
    Dec. at 88 (1893-1981)
    • Birthplace: Clark, Missouri, United States of America
  • Ulysses S. Grant
    Dec. at 63 (1822-1885)
    • Birthplace: Point Pleasant, Ohio, United States of America
  • Yogi Berra
    Age: 97
    • Birthplace: The Hill, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America
    Interrupted his baseball career to serve in the Navy, and was wounded in the Normandy invasion.
  • Chris Kyle
    Dec. at 38 (1974-2013)
    • Birthplace: Odessa, Texas
  • Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.
    Dec. at 78 (1934-2012)
    • Birthplace: Trenton, New Jersey, United States of America
    Known as "Stormin' Norman," he masterminded the 100-hour ground phase of the Gulf War.
  • William Halsey, Jr.
    Dec. at 76 (1882-1959)
    • Birthplace: Elizabeth, New Jersey