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How Famous Fictional Werewolves Deal With Their Moonlit Condition

Updated 5 Dec 2019 1.8k views13 items

Even though werewolves are generally accepted as fiction, if you were to find yourself bitten by one of these hairy beasts, there are plenty of famous werewolves out there to guide you through a world that doesn't take kindly to lycanthropes.

According to werewolf legend, they have a tendency to struggle with shame over their condition, suffering from loneliness and self-isolation. From the overwhelming hunger to the painful transformations, werewolf life can be a challenge. They do best when they're part of a pack, working with other werewolves or close allies to control their urges and avoid detection. These quasi-quadrupeds are capable of becoming loyal, healthy companions. Just don't cross them or give them too much grief, especially when the moon is full.

Some of the most notable TV and movie werewolves learn to adapt the hard way, while others are aided by a supportive community. If you're a newly converted lycanthrope, get your pen and pad ready. You might want to take a few notes on how to survive a werewolf attack and subsequently live as a werewolf.

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