Famous People You Didn't Know Were Wiccan Or Interested In Witchcraft

As there are many misconceptions surrounding the religion, it's great there are so many celebrity Wiccans helping keep the public more informed about modern witches. While associated with unsavory things like devil worship and the occult, many normal, everyday people are practicing Wiccans. Celebrities who join the ranks help give a voice to these individuals. There are many famous singers, actors, and historical figures who either practice Wicca or have an interest in witchcraft. Such stars help dispel rumors and give the religion a more positive image. 

Celebs interested in witchcraft are often people you would never suspect to dabble. Ariana Grande shook her good girl image a bit when she admitted to battling demons. Wiccan celebrities, like Real Housewives star Carlton Gebbia, show how Wiccan beliefs can be as normal as any other religion. To learn about more notable Wiccans, browse the list below!