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Famous Widows Who Fell For Another Member Of Their Husband's Family

27 Apr 2017 50.1k views10 items

Historically, when a woman's husband died, more often than not, she'd be married off again for alliance purposes (if you were rich) or to make sure she had someone else to take care of her and any children she might have. In the case of royals throughout the ages, you might be forcibly married to a relative, either someone who was kin to you, kin to your late husband, or both! Thanks to such stories, we now have tons of examples of widows who married someone in their late husband's family.

This phenomenon isn't just historical, however. In 2017, ex-Vice President Joe Biden's widowed daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden, started dating her late husband's brother Hunter. But widows who remarried in the same family more often popped up in ancient and medieval history. The prime example of levirate marriage in history (that is, a man marrying his dead brother's widow) is Henry VIII's troubled marriage to his first bride, Catherine of Aragon. This was actually illegal in England until 1907!

Also, check out Anne of Brittany, two-time Queen of France who was forcibly wed to two cousin-kings (both of whom were her own relatives!). And then there's Mary of Teck, grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who was engaged to one British prince, but married his brother after her fiancé died. Then and now, the public was intrigued by famous widows who married into the same family twice.

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