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List of famous writers from Lithuania, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Lithuania is home to many prolific writers, including those who write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biographies and more. These are some of the best Lithuanian writers that have ever lived, so if you're a native of Lithuania and an aspiring writer then use this list as inspiration to achieve your own writing goals.

Examples of writers on this list: Otto D. Tolischus, Audrius Stonys and many more.

This list answers the questions, "Who are popular Lithuanian writers?" and "Which writers are from Lithuania?"

You can click on the names of these renowned writers of Lithuania in order to get more information about each one. Some of these historic writers may no longer be living in Lithuania, but they're all of Lithuania descent.
Czesław Miłosz is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous Writers from Lithuania
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Czesław Miłosz was a Polish poet, prose writer, translator and diplomat of Lithuanian origin. His World War II-era sequence, The World, is a collection of twenty naive poems. Following the war, he served as Polish cultural attaché in Paris and Washington, D.C., then in 1951 defected to the West. His nonfiction book, The Captive Mind, became a classic of anti-Stalinism. From 1961 to 1998 he was a professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of California, Berkeley. He became a U.S. citizen in 1970. In 1978 he was awarded the Neustadt International Prize for Literature, and in 1980 the Nobel Prize in Literature. In 1999 he was named a Puterbaugh Fellow. After the fall of the ...more

Birthplace: Šeteniai, Lithuania

Nationality: Poland, Lithuania, United States of America, Russian Empire

Works: Unvanquished City, Valley of the Issa, The Captive Mind, The Metaphysical Pause, An Excursion through the Twenties and Thirties, + more

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Algis Budrys is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Famous Writers from Lithuania
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Algis Budrys was a Lithuanian-American science fiction author, editor, and critic. He was also known under the pen names "Frank Mason," "Alger Rome," "John A. Sentry," "William Scarff," and "Paul Janvier." ...more

Birthplace: Kaliningrad, Russia

Nationality: Lithuania, United States of America

Works: Who?, Who?, Michaelmas, The Furious Future, Writing to the Point, + more

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Jonas Mekas is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Famous Writers from Lithuania
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Jonas Mekas is a Lithuanian-American filmmaker, poet and artist who has often been called "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema." His work has been exhibited in museums and festivals worldwide. ...more

Birthplace: Biržai, Lithuania

Nationality: Lithuania

Works: Jonas Mekas, Time and Fortune Vietnam Newsreel, Notes On An American Film Director At Work: Martin Scorsese, This Side of Paradise: Fragments of an Unfinished Biography, Just like a shadow, + more

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Šarūnas Bartas is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Famous Writers from Lithuania
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Šarūnas Bartas is a Lithuanian film director. One of the most prominent Lithuanian film directors internationally from the late 20th century. ...more

Birthplace: Šiauliai, Lithuania

Nationality: Lithuania, Soviet Union

Works: Visions of Europe, Few of Us, The Corridor, The House, Eastern Drift, + more

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