Writers Who Did Their Best Work While High on Drugs

It’s probably an understatement to say that most artists have taken drugs at least once in their lives. Even though some authors maintain a stuffy air of collegiate lawns and tweed jackets, many can party as hard as anyone else. In fact, there are so many writers who used drugs that it was kind of a hassle to narrow down this list. Every beat author could have taken up a spot, but we figured that we should shine a light on those special famous writers who wrote high and gave audiences something to really digest. So put on your groovy fringe vest and dig on this of famous authors who used drugs and did their best work while high.

The interesting thing about the authors on this list of famous drug addicts is that they don’t all just write in one genre, or exist in one time period. There are science fiction authors, poets, and mystic leaders who were all baked out of their minds on their drug of choice while they sat with their quills in hand and set their words to paper. You’ll see a few drugs of choice on this list - most of them are chemicals that were designed to keep someone up and working long past their bedtime, and a good number of those pills, liquids, etc. don’t even exist anymore.

Even if you’re living your life drug free, take some time to get to know these famous writers who used drugs, because their work is astounding no matter how it came to be.
Photo: flickr / CC0