Here's What 23 Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Will Look Like In Their Old Age

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Feast your eyes on cartoon characters like you've never wanted to see them before! Re-imagined as really, really old, this list of cartoon characters in fan art show the transformation from lively toons into elderly icons. Since cartoons normally never age, it's up to imaginative artists to envision what they will look like after years have passed. Elderly cartoon character fan art is awesome and slightly disturbing, just like creepy versions of cartoon characters, showcasing beloved pop-culture figures as aged superstars.

Fan art of cartoon characters as old people takes spry and colorful individuals that you thought would never go gray and gives them a whole new look. In a creative and cool portrayal of hardcore fandom, the illustrated works of talented artists hit the fast-forward button on the lifespan of your favorite zany caricatures. Vote up the fan art below that best sends cartoon characters skyrocketing into a future of oxygen assistance, bodily degeneration, and senility!