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Fan Art Of Rick Sanchez And His Wife Guaranteed To Break Your Heart

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Fan art never ceases to amaze. There are some really talented people out there – people who love Rick and Morty. And those people might love Bonnie Sanchez even more. At the beginning of Season 3, we got our first (?) glimpse of Rick's wife and everyone wanted more. Fortunately, some of those talented people delivered, creating some truly awesome fan art of Rick and his wife. 

What's really interesting about fan art of Rick's wife is that, for the most part, people seem to have a similar concept of what she was like despite having virtually no background info on the character. Generally, she's depicted as a smart, beautiful woman who is exasperatedly amused by her ridiculous husband. However, there are a couple deviations from this norm, and those are pretty satisfying, as well. 

Here is some of the best fan art of Rick's wife from Rick and Morty.

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    Oh, No She Didn't!

    Photo: Icecry / Pinterest

    Can you imagine how pissed Rick must be? Icecry does an excellent job of making Bonnie lovable while nailing Rick's reaction to such an affront.

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    Grown Up Beth's Dream Come True

    Beth has a lot of issues, and she comes by them honestly. She can pretty much be summed up in this one brilliant piece by Giahna Pantano.

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    Rick Is So Over Shopping

    Photo: Icecry / Pinterest

    Icecry perfectly captures Rick's one-sided relationship with Beth here. She can't see his disdain, but he is not amused by these mundane errands.

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    Rick's Still Around

    Photo: Icecry / Pinterest

    Icecry gives us insight into what the later years of Rick and Bonnie's marriage might have looked like. She loves him; that much is clear.

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