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This Artist Reimagines Superheroes As Children, And The Results Are Too Cute For Words

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Some of the most clever superhero fan-art isn't just drawings of your favorite characters, but rather a creative interpretation or new spin on an old classic. That's exactly what Alberto Varanda did with his collection of fan art of superheroes as kids. Since their debut in the early 1900s, superheros have taken the world by storm - both literally and figuratively. Their amazing adventures and tales have inspired fans to create their own interpretations of the various masked vigilantes, like genderbent Marvel fan art

Varanda gives us a look at some young superheroes, including drawings of young Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. He even includes some lesser known comic book characters imagined as kids such asKa-Zar Lord of the Jungle, Shazam, and Phoenix. Check out Varanda's collection of fan art of superheroes as children below and vote up the illustrations that are just too darned amazing. 

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    Gwen Stacy Discovering Spider-Man In Elementary School

    This classic superhero romance, re-imagined as childhood sweethearts by Alberto Varanda.

    Cute, right?
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    (Mini) Hammer-Time

    This drawing of mini-Norse god Thor (and his baby hammer) by Alberto Varanda is just too cute.

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    Wonder Woman As Wonder Girl

    This adorable Wonder Woman drawing by Alberto Varanda will have you jumping for joy.

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    This Baby Version Of Clark Kent Revealing His Secret Is Adorable

    An adorable imagining of Superman mid-transformation by Alberto Varanda.

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