Fans Are Pointing Out Things They Noticed About Disney Siblings

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Iconic siblings like Anna and Elsa make up some of the most beloved characters in Disney history. Whether they're loving and compassionate like Lilo and Nani, or bitter rivals like Mufasa and Scar, these sisters and brothers will always be remembered and celebrated. It's not just their relationships that define them, however. As fans online are pointing out, these characters are full of subtle moments and small details that make them even more amazing. Did you notice when Luisa straightened Mirabel's glasses for her in Encanto? If you follow the science in Big Hero 6, you'll notice that Hiro takes advice from Tadashi that makes Baymax extra powerful. Some of these details even leave us scratching our heads a bit. In the Toy Story series, Andy's little sister Molly doesn't seem to age on the same timeline as her brother!

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    Every Bit A Hero

    Every Bit A Hero
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    Give It To Me

    Give It To Me
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    Gravity Falls

    Gravity Falls
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    See No De Vil

    See No De Vil
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    Good Advice

    Good Advice
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