Fans Are Pointing Out Interesting Details About Yzma And Kronk

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Ask around online and you'll find tons of fans who agree that The Emperor's New Groove is one of the most underrated Disney movies of all time. The animated flicks' wit, colorful characters, and silly storytelling set it apart from the traditional romances and fairytale stories of the its era. Fans are particularly fond of Yzma and Kronk, New Groove's hilariously endearing villains, who have some amazing small details you may have missed. For example, at one point early on Kronk suggests that Yzma should label her poisons better. At the end, it's clear that project has been started, but not quite finished. In another funny moment, Yzma gets chased by bees in the background. If you look closely, you'll see that they take the shape of a shark. And keep an eye out for when the devil on Kronk's shoulder cocks his pitchfork like a shotgun!

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  • 1. True Genius

    True Genius
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  • 2. Lifelong Motivation

    Lifelong Motivation
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  • 3. Underrated

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  • 4. Read The Label

    Read The Label
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  • 5. Cow-ward-ly Humor

    Cow-ward-ly Humor
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  • 6. Literal Plot Hole

    Literal Plot Hole
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