Fans Are Sharing Their Favorite Movies That Were Panned By Critics

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Movie critics are sometimes spot-on with their judgements, but other times they can be a bit harsh. Sometimes it feels like they missed the genius of the movie, or weren't able to appreciate the little aspects that people loved. Fans online have been sharing movies that they enjoyed, but critics didn't - and some of them have a great argument for why they should be appreciated more. 

For this list, we're considering anything below 50% on Rotten Tomatoes to be considered "panned" by critics. Vote up the movies you think should've gotten a better rating!

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    Photo: Hook / Tri-Star Pictures

    Rotten Tomatoes = 29%

    From Redditor u/B1aze688:

    The character arcs in Hook are so complex and satisfying... it's really what makes the movie so watchable after decades. 

    Rufio's story really shed light on the plight of the Lost Boys. Being a child forever, in an endless summer, might be ideal on the surface, but the boys are still orphans. Toodles is the most cognizant and grounded person in the entire film, but he's dismissed as crazy by everyone in proximity. 

    The complexity of Hook as a villian is staggering; he sees a defeated Pan, and realizes that without his greatest contemporary, his life is without meaning. 

    The movie's a clinic on storytelling.

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    Hocus Pocus
    Photo: Hocus Pocus / Buena Vista Pictures

    Rotten Tomatoes = 38%

    From Redditor u/sorrowfulmemories:

    Great pacing, great costume design, great special effects, great humor, great performances... it's really hard for me to understand how anyone couldn't like this movie. 

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  • Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time
    Photo: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Rotten Tomatoes = 37%

    From Redditor u/zeitgeistbouncer:

    I'll die on the hill that this is one of the best video game adaptations we've had. 

    The dynamic between Dastan and Tamina is near identical to the evolving dynamic between The Prince and Farah in the game. Gyllenhaal and Arterton also have bunches of chemistry. 

    Ben Kingsley embodies the slimy side of the King's brother as well as presenting the noble facade when needed. 

    The lore of the game is largely well-respected and the powers of the dagger at the center of the conflict is handled in a visually appealing fashion. 

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  • The Phantom Of The Opera
    Photo: The Phantom of the Opera / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Rotten Tomatoes = 33%

    From Redditor u/Tomahawkeye12:

    Awesome set design and I liked Gerald Butler as the Phantom. 

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  • The 13th Warrior
    Photo: The 13th Warrior / Buena Vista Pictures

    Rotten Tomatoes = 33%

    From Redditor u/PoppetRock:

    I enjoyed the h*ll out of this for what it was - fighting, nonsense, myths and legends, some laughs. 

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    San Andreas
    Photo: San Andreas / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Rotten Tomatoes = 49%

    From Redditor u/WiretapStudios:

    The sheer scale of the visuals is pretty impressive and I'm a sucker for The Rock. It's not usually my style of movie, but I find myself putting it on while working. It's a decent disaster flick, and has some great cheese that works. 

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