Fans Redesign DC Costumes And They're Way Better Than Anything On Screen

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When it comes to comic book superheroes, it's all about the costumes. Just ask Marvel. That major comic label and DC Comics have both come up with iconic costume designs over the years, and there's always an ongoing debate over which publisher has the best. A large number of creative fans have even taken it upon themselves to redesign their favorite characters with attributes that we've never seen on screen (and probably never will). Marvel's fan-designed costumes are pretty awesome, though.

DC also has tons of alternate superhero costumes, both official and unofficial versions that you can find with a simple Google search. A few horrible costume adaptations do exist but there's no doubt that most are spectacular reinterpretations of popular DC heroes.

This list compiles those fan-made redesigns The Justice League is all accounted for, plus there are a couple of other characters you might not expect!