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Surprisingly Massive Fan Theories About Ant-Man And The Wasp

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Scott Lang's Ant-Man lends himself to fan theories more than almost any other MCU character. With his ability to shrink down to microscopic sizes and explore the inner workings of universes much smaller than our own, the doors for unsolved Ant-Man mysteries are wide open. It's no wonder fans were able to catch so many Ant-Man Easter eggs, given that the shrinking premise is designed to hide things in plain sight. 

As long as the Marvel Cinematic Universe gears keep turning, so will the Ant-Man fan theories. All those unanswered questions from Ant-Man have been thoroughly explored - leading up to hardcore conspiracies and suspicions about the plot of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

The ability to enter a realm where space and time become irrelevant leaves holes in more than just math and physics. Fan theories about Ant-Man and the Wasp attempt to fill those holes with explanations, and make sense of a vast and astounding world full of Marvel mysteries.

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    The Villain Will Not Be The Wasp - It Will Be Ghost

    While the identity of the true villain in Ant-Man and the Wasp remains shrouded in mystery, many have deduced it's not the Wasp at all; the main battle will be against Ghost. Instead of the Wasp as the main antagonist, Ghost will be the one wreaking havoc. As opposed to the comics, Ghost will be played by a woman.

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    Ant-Man Will Be Needed To Fight Against Thanos

    Ant-Man's utility in the MCU goes far beyond the ability to shrink down to super small size. According to Redditor BassAndBass, he will play a huge part in the fight against Thanos. It all comes down to sequencing the timeline of the MCU films, since Ant-Man and the Wasp comes out between Infinity War and its sequel. Presumably, Thanos will not be defeated in the first installment.  

    If Thanos acquires the full Infinity Gauntlet and can control the entire universe, the only way to beat him would be by stepping outside of the tangible realm. Ant-Man's knowledge of the Quantum Realm might help the Avengers take Thanos down.

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    Ant-Man And The Wasp Takes Place After 'Civil War' But Before 'Infinity War'

    Reddit user Middle-Man-Mindset theorizes that Ant-Man and the Wasp takes place between Civil War and Infinity War. In the trailer, we can see Ant-Man running from the law and fighting a new antagonist, suggesting the plot is focused after the events of Civil War.

    With Ant-Man confirmed for Infinity War, we can assume whatever happens here will take place well before he joins the rest of Earth's mightiest heroes. Ant-Man will use his new mastery of Quantum abilities to help everyone in Infinity War.

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    Ant-Man Will Rescue Captain Marvel From The Quantum Realm

    Although Thanos will strive to acquire all of the Infinity Stones, it doesn't make narrative sense for him to grab them all in the first installment of Infinity War. One theory postulates that he'll fail to nab the Soul Stone. 

    TheStarkofDorne made a Reddit post speculating that Thanos creates a time loop in order to take down the Avengers. Using the time loop in an alternate dimension inside the minds of all of the Avengers, they are left powerless against Thanos. Luckily, Ant-Man and the Wasp will unleash Captain Marvel from the Quantum Realm, ready to stop with the time loop.

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