'Arrow' Fan Theories That Might Actually Be Possible

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From the true identity of certain masked heroes to ways the CW could expand the Arrowverse, fans on the internet tend to run wild when it comes to solving Arrow's mysteries. Fan theories about Arrow include special appearances by popular DC characters and a villainous group capable of replacing the sadly departed Suicide Squad. Not to mention all of the elaborate theories that popped up during season six as fans attempted to answer the season's most pressing question: Who is Prometheus?

The best Arrow fan theories can sometimes be a bit strange, but they're all earnest attempts to understand the unanswered questions from the Arrowverse.

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    Black Siren Joins Team Arrow

    Redditor /u/DonnyMox has a theory about how Black Siren's (AKA Earth-Two Laurel's) shift from super villain to super hero could go down, and it begins with Quentin's death. According to this theory, Black Canary (Dinah Drake) turns evil and Quentin's death inspired Black Siren to join Team Arrow in order to stop the now rogue Black Canary who has a lasting vendetta against Black Siren for killing her beloved Vincent (AKA Vigilante). 


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    John Diggle Will Become Green Lantern

    Some of the theories surrounding John Diggle's transformation into the Green Lantern suggest Diggle's middle name is Stewart, allowing the character to segue into the role of John Stewart, one of the early adaptations of the Green Lantern. 

    Redditor /u/james_notdeen's Diggle-Lantern theory is tied to an even bigger event teased by the Arrowverse. Essentially, Diggle will fulfill his destiny as the Arrowverse's very own Green Lantern during Crisis on Infinite Earths, a famous comic book event first teased on the The Flash

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    The Birds Of Prey Could Join The Arrowverse

    Many fans have theorized that the Birds of Prey could be introduced to the CW's Arrowverse. After all, at least two of the classic all-female superhero team's members have been featured on Arrow as of season six: Black Canary and Huntress. Could they team up with Black Siren, Felicity, and others to fight crime alongside Team Arrow? Or perhaps in a spinoff?

    Redditor /u/OddBank thinks Thea Queen should be in on the fun, while /u/Dagenspear theorizes that the Arrowverse's very own version of Barbara Gordon faked Laurel Lance's death with the help of Huntress, and the three women are hunting down any remaining members of HIVE. 

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    There Could Be A Red Hood And The Outlaws Spinoff Series

    Redditor /u/fapcitybish suggests the Arrowverse could continue to develop Roy Harper and Thea Queen's adventures well after Arrow comes to an end, creating an opportunity to introduce a whole new generation of heroes spearheaded by Arsenal and Speedy. Perhaps even Jason Todd, the second Robin, could be introduced in a show like this, bringing even more potential Batman references into the Arrowverse.

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    Batman Will Appear On "Arrow"

    Batman Will Appear On "Arrow"
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    Over the years, the CW's Arrowverse has made many references regarding Batman and other members of the Bat family. Arrow has even featured a few of Batman's more popular rogues, including Ra's al Ghul and Deathstroke. Redditor /u/atomic00abomb seems to think it is inevitable that the show will feature everyone's favorite bat. 

    After all, Superman has shown up on Supergirl, it's only fair that we get Batman on Arrow

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    The Secret Six Will Replace The Suicide Squad

    The Secret Six Will Replace The Suicide Squad
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    Redditor /u/Goholite theorized that Arrow plans to introduce a new team of villans in place of the Suicide Squad: the Secret Six. Not only was Deadshot introduced as a member of the Suicide Squad in the early seasons of Arrow, but many of the other members of the Secret Six would fit right into the Arrowverse, including Scandal Savage, Vandal Savage's immortal daughter. 

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