Fan Theories About 'Community'

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Community has some of the most active and dedicated supporters on the internet, so it's no surprise there's a rich world of Community fan theories breaking down Dan Harmon's genre-bending sitcom. The best fan theories about Community almost feel like plotlines from forgotten episodes, showing why Greendale Community College was one of the richest sitcom settings of all time.

While there are plenty of TV fan theories out there, Community invited fans to think big with the potential connections between the Study Group and their classmates.

Depending on which timeline you're in, Dan Harmon created Community in 2009. It ran for five seasons on NBC, with the sixth season on Yahoo, and worked through its reshuffling both behind and in front of the camera. All along this tumultuous journey, fans stood by the show and created a rich world of Community conspiracy theories capable of giving small moments a worthy backstory.