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After years of escalating insanity, the Fast and the Furious series has proven itself to be one of the best film franchises ever played in theaters, but even if you’re a super fan you probably spend most of your time trying to figure out exactly what’s happening in the films. Rest assured, you’re not the only one. These movies are straight-up bonkers, that’s why so many Fast and Furious fan theories revolve around the cuckoo bananas possibilities that may or may not be playing across the screen. Fan theories about the Fast and Furious franchise cover all of the bases for far-fetched theories, from Dom and the gang inadvertently crossing over with other film franchises, to time travel, and even some alternate universes.

Why doesn’t Dom ever seem to get hurt? Doesn’t Deckard Shaw look familiar? How do the Transformers play into all of this? These fan theories about Fast and Furious answer all of these questions, and a few you didn’t even know you had. In a rare move among producers of a major action movie franchise, it seems like the big players in the Fast and the Furious world are paying attention to some of these fan theories, and you’ll see how they’ve incorporated a few fan ideas into the films. Strap in, crack open a Corona with your family, and get ready to go down the rabbit hole with these Fast and Furious fan theories.

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Dom Toretto Is A Terminator

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It turns out the above video theory about Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto being a T-800 (or some other numbered cybernetic entity) is based in fact, sort of. Back in 2010, the rights to the Terminator franchise were up for sale and Universal was desperately trying to make a bid in order to cross-pollinate the series of movies about angry robots with their fast car property.

Some people believe when that fell through, Universal and Fast and the Furious scribe Chris Morgan just decided to continue along with their dreams of electric Torettos by turning Dom into a robo-man and not telling anyone. What's the proof? Well, he has super strength, he doesn't seem to feel pain, he fights exactly like a T-800, and he never dies despite consistently being shot, thrown into walls, crashing head first into things, and having a nuclear submarine explode within his vicinity.

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Brian Never Stopped Being An Undercover Agent

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Brian O'Conner, the character played by the late Paul Walker, obviously bowed out of the series in Furious 7 and went to live with his family rather than remain an integral member of an international team of car thieves. Or did he?

Reddit user tunawhitenocrustt posits that from the fourth movie on, Brian is secretly working with the FBI and using his contacts to allow the team to continue to pull off increasingly insane stunts. While Brian may have left Toretto's team (remember, Brian is still alive in this fictive universe), he went to work for the FBI and continues to monitor the team, in case they need his help with any (kind of) crime-stopping work in the future. Honestly, this theory seems pretty spot on. 

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Deckard Shaw Is Frank Martin From The Transporter

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Obviously, this theory got its start because Deckard and Frank are played by the same super tough bald Englishman, Jason Statham. But that's not the only thing these characters have in common.

Redditor Connerws15's theory is that since they're both exceptionally talented in hand-to-hand combat, crazy driving, and looking smart in a suit, Deckard Shaw once worked under the code name "Frank Martin."

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The Fast And The Furious Films Are A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

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If you know anything about Vin Diesel, you know that he's a D&D fan, and as a producer and arguably one of the most important people in the chain of command in the Fast and the Furious franchise, if he wants to make his movies into a D&D campaign based around cars, he can do it.

Essentially, Something Awful contributor Jonny Angel believes the entire F&F series is based around escalation and procuring super cool items and abilities by choosing to do interesting and increasingly dangerous things with your friends.