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15 Super In-Depth Fan Theories About Finn From Star Wars

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One of the highlights of The Force Awakens was the introduction of Finn (John Boyega), a stormtrooper who defects to join the Resistance. Along the way he has a sort of epic bromance with rebel fighter pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), making sexuality just one subject of many in the subsequent myriad theories about Finn. As The Last Jedi releases, the Internet is abuzz with new Star Wars fan theories, which of course means more speculation about FN-2187, AKA Finn.

Finn's role in both The Force Awakens and Episode VIII showcases him as an important part of the Star Wars universe, and there is plenty to already know when watching the latest Star Wars films. The mystery around Finn opens up all sorts of possibilities for who he is, where he came from, and what he is meant to do.

Here are a number of theories about Finn from Star Wars that will have you laughing, crying, grinning, and grimacing - perhaps all at once. There are potential SPOILERS for The Last Jedi, if anyone happens to be correct in their hypothesizing.