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Fan Theories About Luke Skywalker In The Last Jedi

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It should come as a surprise to no one that The Last Jedi fan theories are inundating the Internet, which of course means there are countless fan theories about Luke Skywalker, specifically, as everyone is trying to figure out exactly what his broody deal is. Some of these theories about the Jedi are super convincing, while others are just insane, but they all offer their own brand of fun.

It seems pretty clear that something huge is on the horizon for Mr. Skywalker, one of the most beloved heroes in history. It's no surprise then that the internet is scrambling to predict his hazy history and future, especially as many fear the worst for him.

We'll find out soon enough who's right and wrong about Luke's destiny in both The Last Jedi and Episode 9, but until then here is all the most prescient speculation. BEWARE: Potential spoilers ahead.

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